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My body got the memo

and I started the bleeding today... and with it, my symptoms are starting to finally fade. My principal was really sweet and took my worst class for me today. She was supposed to be covering a 2nd grade reading class and traded me for the 7th graders. I hugged her... I couldn't handle the stress of them today (not only a pregnant girl, but it's at the "alternative" school and we have fights break out all the time...)

I keep trying to think of it as just AF, but it's hard when it's more than just blood. This is strange, but will I see the sac/embryo? It would only be the size of an appleseed, but I have this morbid curiosity and desire to see it :(


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Re: My body got the memo

  • I was a bit further along than you, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to see anything (I certainly did at 10 weeks).  You can say good bye to each bit of tissue, just to be sure. 

    This is so hard, my heart breaks for you.  Good luck, and my thoughts are with you today.  I'm happy your principal is being so supportive, you are very lucky. 

  • I was only about 5 weeks and all I saw was bloody tissue...nothing discernible as the sac or anything.

    That was very nice of your principal to take your class...it's great to have the support of an administrator when you need it.

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  • That was nice of your principal to switch with you. Will keep you in my thoughts.


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  • I'm sorry, and that was nice of your principal to help you out.  I had a D&C and have seen a few blood clots.  The other ladies might know more about the tissue.  Take care of yourself.
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  • Aww its about time the body caught up:(...I was just over 9 weeks and I did see the fetus ..it was pretty traumatic so just in case you do maybe that might prepare you my doctor never told me I might see that..Hang in there and we are here for you:) Big HUgs))))
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  • i know how you feel sweetie. i started bleeding heavily today at around 2pm but i was almost expecting it after last night's ultrasound. the doctor only found a fetal pole and an empty gestational sac. my heart aches for you and myself. i know exactly how you feel. this is my second miscarriage in less than 3 months, it's been a rough ride but you will press on and someday we will both be blessed with bundles of joy. good luck to you.
  • No I don't think you'll see anything.  I'm glad things finally got started for you and that your principal is so supportive.  ((hugs))



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