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Baby Dhruv is here! (Long post alert!)

This is the longest post I've written, I mostly lurk here, but I love the birth stories, so I thought I'd add mine.

He was expected on 3rd February and I really thought I'd go late because his head wasn't engaged even though my cervix was softening. On 13th morning, at my regular weekly appointment, when I told my doctor I thought the baby was moving a bit sluggishly, he took me in for an NST immediately. That came out ok, but he sent me for an ultrasound just to be certain.


Turned out that my fluid levels were low and there was a possibility of IUGR. That combined with the cord around the baby's neck, meant the doctor urged me to have an elective c-section the very next day! My first reaction was "you've got to be kidding, the crib and changing table are being painted as we speak, I am about to go grocery shopping, I am SO not ready". With my parents, in-laws and DH supporting me, I checked into the hospital that night itself.


The next morning was an auspicious day here and we had even been recommended an auspicious time for the birth - between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM. At 7:15 I was administered the spinal anaesthetic - which was not as bad as I thought it would be - and at 7:19 I was coming out of it and being told we'd had a boy (team green here)!! He was born 20 days early, 2.5 kgs (5.4 lbs) and 19 inches long - but he's putting on weight pretty fast now.


The only issue I had was that the doc kept me immobilized for that day and the next day (but I am thankful for this now because the healing worked so much faster thanks to that) so I couldn't feed my son immediately. Because it was a c-sec, the milk took time to come in leaving me frustrated and in tears when he was crying the first couple of nights. On top of that, it turned out my nipples were too large for his little mouth and retracted at that so I had to use a nipple shield and formula to feed him at first.


We came home from the hospital on Monday. My dressings were completely removed just this last Thursday and I barely feel the stitches anymore - the first few days were tough because you have no idea how many movements you use your lower abs for! I had a consult with the pediatrician and lactation specialist recently and now the baby is feeding straight from the breast (yay) though the first week of feeding with the shield and bottle left him a bit colicky - that is dying down now.


We're still adjusting to each other and the nights of sleep deprivation, but today was his naming ceremony and we have named him Dhruv - which means the North Star, by extension it also means constant and unchanging - all because he has completely reoriented the entire family towards himself. :-) I'm home now and plan to work from home for the next few months so I can give Dhruv a dedicated few months.


Hopefully will be on the 0-3 m board, time permitting. It's been a great ride ladies, wish you all the very best!

Re: Baby Dhruv is here! (Long post alert!)

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