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Those who have predicted larger babies

Has you doctor mentioned inducing you due to the size of the baby or even a c-section? we had a growth ultrasound at 36 wks 3 days. He weighs 6lb 11oz and i know that the weight can vary by a lb or two. The midwife seen me and was going to mention the weight to my Ob and said she wasn't sure if she would want a possible induction or what to do. Im hoping to avoid being induced at all costs unless its absolutely necessary. Im just curious what other ladies have been told if they measured ahead.

Re: Those who have predicted larger babies

  • Big babies tend to run in my family and my OB is not inducing me unless I hit 41 weeks. 
  • I had a growth scan today at 36 weeks 6 days and the baby is estimated to be 6 lbs 13 oz. My doctor has only said that she will not let me go passed my due date, the plan is hopefully I go into labor, but if not induction!
  • My LO measured 7.5 lb at 36 weeks and I am being induced at about 39 weeks, but only because of the other risks associated with having GD.
  • i just had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is already 6lb 4oz at 34weeks! my doc said if i keep measuring big around 38 weeks they will discuss induction, i am measuring 37 1/2 weeks!
  • I will have an u/s next week (38 weeks) to check the size of the baby.  If he is still running on the large side,(9-10 lbs), we will schedule a c-section for when I am 39 weeks.  If not, then nature will take it's course.
  • My LO was 6lb 6ozs at the 36 growth u/s.  I talked to the dr about being concerned with having a big baby (husband and I were both big babies) and she said that the estimated size at the u/s is completely average.  they will not induce unless I hit 41w (or close to that depending on dates and availability). 
  • My baby was predicted to be big with my first pregnancy.  We never discussed induction.  Of course, I had contractions in the morning 2 days B4 my due date that weren't doing much.  They would have sent me home except I lived 40 minutes from the hospital and there was a snow storm predicted that day.  They ended up inducing me just as the storm started.  Big Smile

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  • i was told LO was on bigger side but no induction for me. My mom laughs at the big baby thing cause her biggest was her easiest birth.

    Edit: That being said her biggest was 9 lbs 12oz

  • I think that most people agree that it is easier to give birth to a big baby naturally (go into labor naturally that is) than to be induced with a slightly smaller baby.  I think it has to do with your body being 'ripe'.  I was induced with my first baby at 41 weeks, he was 9lbs 3oz, and was a forceps delivery.  I went into labor naturally with my daughter, she was 9lbs 1 oz, and it was a breeze.  Good luck.

  • My LO is measuring big and I'm being induced at 39 weeks, but that is only because I have been in a lot of pain my entire pregnancy due to herniated disks in my back. My OB wants to induce earlier so I don't have to go through any more pain than I have to and so that there will be less stress on both of us during delivery, which means less chance of a c-section.


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  • My dr is doing an u/s Feb 10 to check baby's size. He's already talking about inducing a couple weeks early. I don't have GD but he said she is measuring big. My old Dr. (before we moved) said we're looking at over 8 lbs. So, it's a possibility. I'm just scared because my DH was 11lbs 5oz!!! I canNOT have that coming out of my hoohaa for the first time!!! I asked my dr to start my epi at 6 months pg!!! HA!
  • Right now, it's inconclusive if our LO is measuring big, but I did ask my doc what her policy was on it.  She will not induce before 39 weeks.  And since the baby is measuring big, to induce at 39 weeks would mean delivering a big baby.  Therefore, if the baby is measuring/predicted at over 9.5lbs at 38 weeks, she will schedule a c-section for 39 weeks.  I do noticed a lot of women have docs that will induce early, so it's all up to what your doc thinks.  She also admitted that measuring the LO's weight can be off by 10-15%. Good luck with everything!
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  • I'm being induced at 39 weeks due to his size.  Also because at the 30 week ultra sound he was measuring so large they are worried about shoulder damage so I am having a c-section.
  • i went in last week for my growth ultrasound and he was measuring at 6 lbs even. She did not talk about inducing, and said that she wont unless I get to 41 weeks, or if there are other complications.
  • Due to having a cerclage, I had ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks from 15 weeks until 33 weeks. At 33 weeks, my boy was measuring 6lbs even. This was totally on track with all his previous measurements. I am being induced on Tuesday (one day after my due date), unless he wants to arrive sooner on his own. They are concerned with his shoulders and delivery, but I am hoping for a vaginal birth! They thought I would go into labor when my cerclage was removed on Dec 30, but for some reason he is just really happy in there.
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  • at 37 weeks  0 days with my son, the u/s estimated that he already weighed 8lbs 15oz.  NO JOKE.  I was induced at 39w and he was 10lbs0oz.

    i think 6 lbs 11 oz seems TINY!  


    oh and i had him vaginally.  i weigh 120 not pregnant (5'7").  i am not a large person.   you can do it!!! dont let those estimates freak you out!!!


    oh and with this one i am measuring in the 85% again so far for baby's weight.  I am not worried.  i just would rather have a 9lb'er than 10 tho.. :)

  • My baby is supposedly measuring 8lbs already so I will be induced in week 39 if I haven't gone on my own.
  • Not at all. My LO was measuring 6lbs 12 oz at 36 weeks. There was absolutely no concern with that. According to the calculations that would put LO at around 8lb 8 oz around my due date, which is not super big.
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