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I think the cat is out of the bag at work

I popped...big time.  People are looking at my stomach around the office as I walk around.  I don't think my pregnancy is much of a secret anymore.  I'm only 11 weeks!!!   I know 2nd time you pop earlier, but wow!  Anyone else like this.

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Re: I think the cat is out of the bag at work

  • Me too - either that or people are thinking I'm really fat!  I still haven't said anything, but people (esp women around the office) are staring at my belly.

    Someone offered me a seat on the subway yesterday, I think my secret is out.


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  • I haven't gained any weight yet but my stomach is showing. I know it's probably mostly bloat, but geez you can definately tell I'm pregnant! I popped early with DD, so I'm just waiting for it to happen with this one, lol.
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  • This is my first baby but I have a little bump showing which is hard to hide at work. You can totally tell I'm pregnant. I'm sure I'm going to get questions soon. I'm not a big person so I think that's why it shows and I've gained a few lbs. ughhhh

  • Me too!  I'm 11 weeks with my 2nd and holy cats i'm already wearing maternity pants... My tummy is definitely getting hard to hide, but i haven't said anything yet. I too notice some women staring at my belly... Because i'm so thin, people are probably like "enough already lady, just tell us"...
  • Hmmm... I'm not getting that.  I do make it a point to wear a buttoned up blazer now vs. the more fitted sweaters I used to wear.  I just look like I've put on a few pounds... no noticeable bump.  I think some people suspect because I have twice now ordered ginger ale vs. beer at happy hour, but oh well... cat will be out of the bag soon!


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  • Yep. I am 12 weeks and have been clearly round and showing since about 9-10 weeks. People have been staring for a while. Trying to figure out if I'm fat or pregnant, I assume. I am not really trying to hide it, and in the last week or so have been talking to my actual friends at work about it when others are around, I don't care so much. I do miss watching people play the fat or pregnant game lol.
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