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So, DH and I went in for our level II u/s and consult.  Upon arriving, we met with a genetic counselor who explained to us that the issue with my results wasn't for Down syndrome, but for spina bifida.  Unfortunately, the OB nurse wasn't 100% accurate when she read our results to us on Monday.  Apparently, the 1 in 50,000 risk for Down syndrome was correct, but we were also at a 1 in 11 risk for spina bifida.  I was shocked. 

Needless to say, the u/s went fine and LO's spine is developing perfectly.  The doctor explained that the reason for my elevated AFP levels was due to a previous tear in the placenta that had healed over, which would also explain the bleeding that I had in my first trimester.

The doctor explained that I was at higher risk for pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia, but nothing to be too concerned about with my risk going from around 3-5% to 7-10%.  Have any 2nd time moms out there have something like this happen with a tear that healed?  I am a little upset and was hoping to hear some stories with positive outcomes...

Thanks, ladies!

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Re: F/U to Slightly frustrated/scared post on Monday

  • The first 5 months of my pregnancy my placenta was very very low and kept tearing/re-attaching from the wall.  It resulted in being put on bed-rest 3 times and no sex for those 5 months.  But luckily it has sense moved up and we were moved from high-risk to low risk.  We also had tests done because my husband's brother is special needs and his parents refuse to tell us what he has specifically.  All we do know is that when he was a baby he had meningitis and was not treated in time so it could be that but my husband strongly believes he has downs as well.
  • well im glad all went well. I dont know much about a tear, but I wanted to say Im happy the baby is fine =)
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