Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

help!!!! biting!!!!

DS is 16 months and we really need some advice to get him to stop biting.  What have you tried/what works for you?


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Re: help!!!! biting!!!!

  • My DS was doing this mostly to me a couple of weeks ago.  What we did was every time he bit, we would immediately pick him up, say "no bite" and put him in the play pen.  i would set the timer for 1 minute.  sometimes, i would take him out and he would do it again right away, so would put him right back in.  he really does not bite us anymore.  not sure if that is what helped, but at least it has gotten better. Good luck.
  • I am hoping your suggestion will work for us- so far DS has only bit me  twice while nursing today... but at bedtime we did good.  Keep your fingers crossed.
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