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My Long Birth Story

Here's my birth story.

Wednesday (1/13) morning I went to work like normal. I noticed the contractions I was having were kind of consistent. They didn't hurt at all, just pressure. So I started timing. Before I left work for my Dr appt, they were 6-7 minutes long. At my appt I was 3cm and the baby was pretty low.

I went lunch w/ DH, MIL, and SIL then went home to try to sleep. I originally planned on going back to work, but I was just so tired I decided to stay home.  Unfortunately I didn't get my nap. I couldn't sleep. I was too excited.

By 5:00 they started coming every 4-5 minutes and they also started hurting. I went to the bathroom (TMI, but apparently I had some cleaning to do) and then the contractions became pretty intense. I called my sister and woke DH up (he worked the night before). Michelle met us at our house and we headed to the hospital. We got there about 6, they checked me (still 3cm, but 90% effaced) and monitored me for 15 minutes before admitting me. I got my IV and then they allowed me to do my thing.

On the monitor I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. I'd have a super strong one and then two or three "aftershocks" that weren't quite as bad. At about 8, the nurse checked me and said I was 6cm so I felt relieved, and that I'd be able to go natural like I wanted. I told her I'd like to try laboring in the jacuzzi. She said it would take about 30 minutes to fill so she'd come get me when it was filled. She came back in about 8:45 and said the dr was going to break my water, so the jacuzzi was out. That's ok, I wasn't sure about it anyway. So my Dr broke my water about 9:00 and contractions didn't immediately pick up. I was glad, but it didn't take long for them to.

I had a particularly rough contraction and started begging for drugs. My sister told me it was too late for the epidural and that I didn't want it anyway, so the nurse offered Nubaine. She told me to go to the bathroom first because it would get my bladder out of the way and help me progress. Well w/ my next contraction I got sick, and it went everywhere. DH and my sister even got some of it. Oops. Then I went to the bathroom and DH helped me with several contractions on the toilet while the nurse and my sister cleaned up my bed. I got checked again when I laid down and was 7cm so the nurse said she'd give me a teeny tiny dose of Nubaine. After she gave it to me I don't think it had time to kick in. On the next 2 contractions my body was trying to push. I was jerking around trying to fight it because I was only a 7. The third contraction I was pushing. I couldn't stop it. So my nurse checked again and said I was ready and paged that we needed the doctor NOW.

 After about 6 hours of hard labor, an hour and 40 minutes after my water was broken, and 3 rounds of pushing, my Son was born at 10:39pm. He came in at 7lbs 4oz and 19.5 inches long. He is just so precious!

There was meconium in the fluid when they broke my water plus the cord was wrapped around his neck, so they took him immediately over to get looked at. It wasn't until a couple minutes later that DH and I even thought to ask what whether we had a son or daughter.

I pretty much laid down through my entire labor. I tried walking, but didn't like how the contractions felt while I was up. I tried the ball, but again, didn't like it. So in between contractions I mostly just laid there with my eyes closed. DH and my sister thought I was sleeping between most of the contractions, but I wasn't, I was just saving my strength and energy.

Thanks for listening (reading)!

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