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Storing Breast Milk?

I plan on pumping some breast milk. I would really prefer to have it in a glass container rather than plastic and have it be easy to feed from. Any suggestions?

Edit - Sorry I meant I prefer the glass becuase it's said to be cleaner and safer and additionally I'd like it to be easy to feed from. two seperate things sorry.

Re: Storing Breast Milk?

  • What would make glass containers easier to feed?
  • When I pumped for ds I would store in the bags, it made it easy to freeze and quick to defrost for use.  You can find a lot of info on www.kellymom.com about how long bm will store in fridge as opposed to freezing for future use.

  • image chassy1:
    What would make glass containers easier to feed?

    I was going to ask the same thing.  Also, what is different about cleaning them?

  • I could regular size hook glass bottles onto my Medela pump, and freeze the milk in there- but it would be pretty expensive to have a freezer full of bottles. I think that's why most people use the plastic.  I have heard that the milk comes off the glass bottles easier in the dishwasher than from plastic.  I would think that it would take longer to warm the milk from a glass bottle than it would from the bags, though- one consideration when your babysitter or DH has a screaming child and needs to defrost milk stat.  I could run a frozen bag under the faucet for 2 min or so and have it completely thawed.
  • I just pump into the bottles that came with my pump and then freeze it in the Gerber breast milk storage bags. Then I use Playtex Nursers, so I can defrost the milk and put the bag straight into the holder and not waste other liners.
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