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Can you "insist" on a c-section?

Long story short my fiance was 9 lb 8 oz and I was 9 lb 4 oz. At my 36 week ultrasound, my baby was estimated at 7 lb 5 oz with a big head (lol yes a big head - measured at 39 weeks at 36 weeks). I was a csection baby because of my size (mainly my head size) and my fiance was not, and both his collarbones fractured during delivery and his mother had severe tearing and hemorrhoids following his birth. I am extremely concerned about this happening to me, but my doctor pretty much said unless the baby's in distress I'll be forced to have him naturally. Is there anything I can do? I'm honestly getting anxiety about delivering him naturally due to his size and his head size. Labor itself doesn't scare me, nor does a natural birth...I just don't want what happened to my fiance (and his poor mother) to happen to my baby and me!

Re: Can you "insist" on a c-section?

  • You could ask your doc for a CT scan to confirm that your pelvic structure can accomodate pushing out your baby.  They did that for me when I was post dates with a big baby.

    BUT, my baby was estimated at 9++ pounds and came out just under 9 pounds.  Estimates are just that: estimates. 

  • I'm a pretty firm believer in that your body won't grow a baby bigger than you can deliver (in most cases).

    Growth u/s can be off. And your baby wasn't so big at the last u/s.

    Being stressed out isn't going to help your body have the baby. Try and get into the mindset that you can do it. And know that if your labor stalls because the baby ends up being "too big" then they will give you a c-section. But there is no harm in trying.

    Tell your doc your fears about tearing/collarbone breaking and ask hiim what techniques he will use to make sure it is a safe birth.

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  • If your doctor won't do it, the only thing you can do is change doctors.  But just know, there's nothing that guarantees you'll have the same experience as your MIL.  Your body is different.  Also, those measurements can be off about the baby, so its not guaranteed LO will be super big.
  • Just wanted to say I understand... DH was a 9+lb child, with a large head.  I am petite.  Let's jut say I have 9 weeks to go, and the office due date pool has most guesses down as me giving birth in late February, based on how I look (my EDD is 3/21).

    I don't want a c-section, but I am really hoping they dated me wrong...
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  • you dont want a csection.  the u/s can be off. 

    I had a 10lb baby.  I WAS induced at 39 weeks due to large baby/borderline GD.  I had him vaginally.  (I am a very petite person/small hips).  It wasn't easy, but I know a lot of women who had 7lb 1st babies and they said it was hard too!

    Your doctor will know when to call for the C/s.  If during labor the baby isnt descending correctly and or if you are pushing for a long time and baby just won't budge, etc...

    you will never believe your bodies amazing abilities!  i know its hard not to worry, but you can do it!  trust in yourself and your doc's decision making ability! 


  • Also keep in mind Insurance costs. If you have an elective C section... then your insurance will not cover it in most cases.
  • My Dr told me:

    My baby is on the larger side.  He is going to do an u/s at 38 weeks to check the weight again.  If the baby is on the 9-10 lb side, he will advise a c-section because:

    I am 5'6" 135 lbs pre-preg. size.  He said delivering the baby would be very tough on my birth canal.  He said if my pre-preg. size was 5'9" and 170 lbs, he would say go for it.  

    DD weighed 7 lbs and I had a very difficult time delivering her.  I had 3rd degree tears and was not able to have the normal 6 week postpartum check-up.  Mine was a month later.  

    Each Dr. is different and I am hoping to avoid a c-section, but I would just trust my Dr. on this one and ask for another u/s before you actually give birth.  Good luck. 

  • It can't hurt to talk to olyour doctor further about it. At worse they say no and explain why. My doctor offers c/s if the baby is estimated to top ten lbs but you get a choice. We are having one but for other medical reasons than just size. Fwiw our baby measured almost ninelbs at 35 wks.
  • my friend was told her baby was large was even induced because of it.  Her baby was 6 pounds 13 ounces.  Those things can be off by a pound or so.  I have another friend was told her baby was just under 8 and she was over 9 pounds.  I have had several abdominal surgeries trust me you don't want to be cut unless you have to.
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  • I would recommend  trying to have the baby vaginally, and if he/she won't fit, then you can have the c-section.  I had a C/S with DS and would not recommend it if you don't actually need one.  The recovery time is much worse, and as with any surgery, there are many more complications that can happen.  I had to have a blood transfusion  4 days after my C/S.   My son was very large ( 9 lbs 6 oz, 22 in long, 14 1/2 in head) and he just wouldn't fit into my pelvis, so I never dilated past 2 cm even though I was having strong contractions and was put on Pitocin.  And I am 5'7" and am not a skinny girl.  :)

    Also, I was an L&D RN, and those ultrasounds can be off by almost 2 pounds and the measurements can be a little off also.  And if it makes you feel any better, my mom who is not quite 5 feet tall and was 98 lbs before she got pregnant had 3 natural pain med free births with all three of her kids and we weighed between 8lbs 13oz and 9lbs 12oz.  Everyone's body is different!   Good luck and I hope you figure out what is best for you and your baby!

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  • My SIL had a 10.5 baby all natural.   I'm not sure why you would want a c section, with the restrictions they place on your afterwards.  These are all estimates and guesses on the head/ weights.    
  • My mom is 5'4 and was 120lbs. She vaginally gave birth to 3 almost 9 pound babies and 1 7 pound baby. She didnt have any problems with any of them. She also said it wasnt any different having my baby sister (who was small because she was born at 36 weeks)

    Also ultrasounds can be off. My 36 week US said Aubrey was already over 7lbs and would probably be almost 9lbs. I had her at 40 weeks 1 day and she was 7.5lbs

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  • I have to tell you, I am staring down the barrel of a forced c serction (one of the twins is breech so they will not let me go vaginally at my office) and I am very upset.  Try to go vaginally if you can, as everyone on here said, estimates can be off. 

  • The best thing you can do is to avoid an epidural, stay mobile during labor, and push in an upright/squatting position.  Your pelvic outlet is 1" bigger or something if you are upright!  Please try to remember that a Cesarean is NOT just about this birth- it puts your later pregnancies at higher risk, it's VERY difficult to get a doctor to help you VBAC in the future, and can impact your future fertility as well! 
  • Growth us's can be off by 1&1/2 lbs either way. That being said, I was induced with DS#1 at 41 weeks and delivered vaginally and he was 9lbs 12 ozs, I didn't tear or need an episiotomy. Believe me your body is capable of amazing things, ecxpecially when it comes to birth. Talk with your Dr. some more about your concerns and ask what else they can due to confirm LO's size.
  • I pushed for 3 hours with my first son and he wouldn't move at all. He wasn't in distress or anything. It was then that it was realized that my baby was too big for me to deliver vaginally as he couldn't even make it down. I ended up having a C-Section.

    I would say, that if you aren't scared, then try to do it vaginally, and if the baby doesn't fit get a C-Section. Although, i don't see why the doctor wouldn't give you a C-Section just because you wanted one.

    I have a friend that wanted to have a baby but NEVER wanted to deliver the baby vaginally. Always envisioned having a C-Section. And the doctor did just that. I don't see why if you feel so strongly about it, that they wouldn't just do it for you.

  • i was a bit concerned with the same situation 2 weeks ago i was told my baby is over 6 pounds..i was only 7 pounds but my husband was 9 1/2 pounds..crazy..and he has his head which is a lot bigger then the average person..lucky me..so we'll see..i'm hoping the closer i get the most they will realize it cant happen..but i figure if i cant push him out they will have to give me a c-section..right now there is no point in worrying about it though because i cant change it?
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