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Carpal Tunnel? Anyone else?

Of all the things I expected during pregnancy, I did NOT expect this. 

Last night, I started experiencing a throbbing, aching pain in the middle of my right hand.  As the evening wore on, it spread up my arm to my elbow and a little above.  I took some Tylenol and went to bed, thinking it was due to all the nursery prep from that day.  However, I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing elbow, and dealt with the same throbbing hand and arm all day.  I'm not one to complain about pain, but this hurts!

I've learned via WTEWYE as well as Babycenter that it's likely due to pregnancy-related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Apparently, you never have to have had it before to be affected, and it can last pretty much through a few weeks after birth.

SO, now, ahead of returning to work tomorrow and sporting an oh so cool wrist support thingie (which really actually helps some), I'm just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this as well?  Anything proven to relieve the pain; any exercises work; hints?  Anything would help, even to know I'm not alone.  


Re: Carpal Tunnel? Anyone else?

  • Yes, I have this and it's awful.  At first I was only getting it at night, but now my right hand is tingling pretty much all the time.  The tips of my fingers are numb.

    Besides what you're doing, sometime I soak my hands in warm water and epsom salts.  It gives some temporary relief.

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  • I had this during my last pregnancy and yes, it's awful.  I am so sorry.  The best thing I could do was to buy those wrist braces at CVS and sleep with them on.  Good luck.
  • I had terrible carpal tunnel in my first trimester. I used to wake up all night long sobbing and I'm usually pretty tough.  I felt like I was being crucified with burning pain up to both elbows.  It was awful.  Sometime around 20 weeks it went away and as I'm almost into my third trimester I hope it doesn't come back.  I tried elevating my arms but foiund it hard to sleep this way.  I tried putting ice packs on them and that didn't help. The only thing that helped a little was wearing wrist immobilizers on both arms, and that only helped barely.  Tylenol didn't help.  My doctor even prescribed Percocet and that didn't help either.

    It was honestly the worse pain I have ever felt, even worse then abdominal surgery and breaking my foot.  I sympathize.

    I hope you get some relief.  


  • Ugh!  I have it too in my right hand.  Warm/hot water and trying to use the other hand more seem to help.  Doc recommended Tylenol, which I haven't taken yet.  I also noticed that if I elevate it over my pillow at night (rather than tucking it under like I usually do) it seems to feel better instead of tingling and painful when I get up.    
  • yes i have had it with all 3 of my pregnancies. 

    the wrist bands help alot

    drinking lots and lots of water.

    minimizing use of my hands /computer time

    sleeping with arms either elevated on a pillow or dangeling off the side of the bed

    tylenol 8hour helps sometimes

    and swimming or submerging my arms in the tub/ sink for 30min before bed helps a little too.

    the past month it has gotten a lot worse. within 1 week of delivering last 2 times it went away about 50% and with in 1 month about 75% , i still had some lingering numbness but no pain after 6 months. i anticipate if this time it doesn't totally go away i may need surgery. This is my last baby.

    hope you feel better!


  • I had it with my first.  I wore the wrists bands at night, tried to keep computer time and writing to a minimum, elevated my hands when I was laying down, took tylenol and iced them.

    All of those things helped, but nothing took it completely away.  It started to get better right after DS was born and by 2 weeks PP, it was totally gone.  

  • I had it really bad in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I didn't expect it either! The wrist braces definitely helped...and it went away pretty quickly after giving birth. GL!
  • I developed this at 33 weeks and I have had to wear a brace on my right hand everynight. It really helps! Annoying at first but I got use to it. Go get yourself a brace.

  • image Mrs.Gabortiz:
    I had this during my last pregnancy and yes, it's awful.  I am so sorry.  The best thing I could do was to buy those wrist braces at CVS and sleep with them on.  Good luck.

     This.  It's gotten better but I still wear the brace at night.

  • I have this, although not nearly as bad as what you describe. My right hand mainly goes numb.
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  • Thanks so much for all the responses!  Nice to know I'm not alone. 

    Tylenol is helping a lot; today doesn't feel nearly as bad (knocking on wood with my good hand), just some twings here and there contained to my hand only; no arm or elbow pain today.  I'm wearing a light wrist support glove while at work, and plan on getting the sleeping brace for night time support.  So I'm thinking that I'll have good days and bad days, just like with fatigue and swelling and other fun T3 stuff.

    GL everyone, and thanks again!

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