Babies: 0 - 3 Months


I know I've seen this posted but I never pay attention to posts until they are relevant to me, sorry!

How do you know when to move up to the faster flow nipples? Do you just do it automatically when they hit 3 months or are there signs I should be looking for? I've noticed a few times in the last week that the nipple would get pinched when she was drinking...

Re: Nipples

  • I would just try them when I thought the kiddos were ready and see how they did with them.  I never used them consistently tho.  I hated that no matter what brand of bottle I was using the fast-flow nipples would drip all over the place if they slipped out of their mouths.  They all did fine and gained weight well with just the slow-flow though; it was just personal preference on my part...

     Oh!  and to actually answer your kids weren't ready until 4-6mo...if I had actually switched them for good.  :-)

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