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how to tell parents about #2

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I pretty much just blurted it out that I was pregnant to my parents.  I want to be a little more creative this time around, but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it in?  How have you told your parents, or how do you plan on telling them, and when?  I'll be 9 weeks on Tuesday and kinda showing a little.

Re: how to tell parents about #2

  • We couldn't wait and told everyone at Christmas right after my BFP.  We wrapped up a big brother shirt on Christmas Eve and it was the last gift opened. 

    The next day with Dh's family, I just left the room to change Ds's diaper and put the shirt on him.  He ran out and everyone read his shirt to get the news.  It was pretty fun watching everyone figure it out.

  • OHhh good question.  Do any of them have a birthday coming up really soon? 
  • I originally wanted to do something with a shirt, but I'm so anxious to tell them and I can only seem to find them online.  My mom's birthday just passed, it was 1/6.
  • I was just talking about this with my DH.  We might do the "Big Sister" shirt thing, but I would like to see some more ideas.  Thanks for posting! 
  • We did the "Im the BIG sister shirt" for our chirstmas card.  You can get the saying at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the iron on section.  Then you don't have to worrie about ordering anything.
  • They haven't seen the Christmas photo book I made yet, so on the very last page I printed a "Santa's List" with my little BIL and SIL's names, Seb's name, and on the last line I put "#2 due 9/15/10!" I plan on showing it tonight :)
    image image
  • How old is your first? I just got a BFP today and hubby was still sleeping so I had my 16 month old draw on paper and put on stickers. Then, on the bottom, I wrote "Future Big Brother". My DH loved it!!!!

    Maybe you could have your child draw something for the grandparents.

    We are trying to figure out when to tell everyone - prob after blood work.  

  • We had DD say "there's a baby in mommy's tummy."  It was cute.
  • We are telling our 3 girls tonight and the world tomorrow.  Every other time we have pretty much just blurted it out, but this time I wanted to do something different.  I was looking on line and found a shirt that was perfect but $13.00 plus tax and shipping.  Times 3 is very expensive.  I went to have craft store bought them all shirts and the printer transfer paper.  It was so easy and have turned out so cute for $5.00 each so much better.  Tonight we will put it on our youngest and see how long it takes for her sisters to notice then tomorrow the girls are going to were them to church and tell the world.  The shirt says  "I have a secret..." and on the back it says" I'm going to be a big sister".  

    I want to see all the faces tomorrow and I will not have to have said anything!! 

  • When my sister told my parents and me about #2, they dressed their DD in a shirt that said "I'm a Big Sister". 

    It took a minute but once we realized what it said, we were delighted!  Simple, easy, and fun.

  • My ds 4th birthday is Feb. 20 so we are having the family over (like always) and the birthday cake is going to be one layer pink, one layer blue with regular icing on the outside. I am not going to say anything and see who notices or asks why it is colored that way (we are normally a one layer chocolate, one layer vanilla cake kind of family so it will definitely strike them as strange).

    They all know we are ttc, so we'll see if anyone gets it.


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