First time mom getting discouraged

My DS is 2 weeks old.  He had some jaundice issues to begin with so we were giving him some formula after breastfeeding just to make sure he was getting enough.

The jaundice has pretty much gone away at this point but it doesn't seem to matter how long I breastfeed him for, he usually is still acting pretty hungary and will take at least 2 oz after I feed him.  At nigh it seems to be worse, and even if I feed him he'll sometime take almost 4oz.  I know babies cluster feed at night, but I just don't want him to go hungary. 

 I would really like to be able to get rid of the the bottle though and just breastfeed.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience?


Re: First time mom getting discouraged

  • Have you tried talking to a lactation consultant about it?
  • I had while we were still in the hospital and they said they thought everything seemed like it was going great, but I think its time to talk to them again.
  • Def. get some advice from an LC. Have you tried pumping frequently (ie between feedings?) Since breastfeeding is a supply/demand situation that might help you build a better supply.
  • I'm glad the jaundice is better. Our LO had to be hospitalized. It sucked.

    Definately talk to a LC. I would stop supplementing or you are going to kill your supply. My guess is that is what hurt me, supplementing because that is what was recommended to help the jaundice. Nurse him until he's done. If he doesn't seem satisfied, switch him to the other side. You should start producing more once you do that. The more he eats, the more you are telling your body you need more milk. It shouldn't take long to fix.

  • newborns often seem hungry all the time, this is to build up your supply.  Mine wanted to eat literally every hour on the hour.  stop supplementing as I've read most babies will take additional food if offered, even if they don't need it.  Let your supply build up.

    but most of all, do speak to an LC. there is a free service provided by La Leche League. and find your area.  there will be a list of real people to call who can give you lots of help. 

  • I have been doing TONS of reading trying to prep for baby's arrival.  Based on what I've read (not experience), it sounds like you should try to increase your supply by either pumping between feedings or feeding more frequently from both breasts.  Also, if he hasn't latched properly, his sucking could be ineffective and that's why he's not getting enough milk.  I recommend reading The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding by Marianne Neifert.  It addresses EVERYTHING including a large chunk of info breastfeeding and jaundice.  Stick with it and I bet it will soon work out! Good luck!!
  • we had to do the same thing and are still doing the same thing... it is really wearing on me... but I am trying to boost my supply. I am only able to pump an once total at a time, and thats on a good pump. I am pumping in between feedings as much as possible, eating oatmeal... and even resorted to a beer tonight because my supply seems to be REALLY low today! Good luck and know you are not alone!
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