3rd Trimester

AW: 37 weeks and dilated 2 cm, 30% effaced

I'm pumped because I know some people don't have progress, though I know I could stay like this for the next 3 weeks!  However, I started with my dietician today because I have GD (a little late, I know) and have to start checking my blood sugar and my diet tomorrow. Bleh!  We also did a biophysical profile (?) yesterday because LO's movements have been lacking and they saw that my amniotic fluid is low.  They estimated that he is about 5 lbs 9 oz, so he's a little small, but I almost wish they could take him now since problems keep popping up.  I'm just glad he appears healthy other than that.

Oh, and I think I'm starting to lose my MP. Yipee!!


Re: AW: 37 weeks and dilated 2 cm, 30% effaced

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