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Oh how I love 6th graders...

I had to sub in the 6th grade room today for a few hours.  It's a large, rowdy bunch of kids overrun with hormones.  Anyway, after yelling at them to sit in their seats and be quiet for the umpteenth time, one of the boys raises his hand and asks, "Why are all pregnant women grumpy?".  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I'm sure either response would have gotten the side eye.
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Re: Oh how I love 6th graders...

  • I teach 7th grade and deal w/ it on a daily basis, you've just got to laugh.  The kids told me I should wear that be band because I was suffocating the baby, and they've also made comments about my attitude because I'm pregnant
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  • One of my seniors asked me this last semster.  My response was "because I got a baby on the bladder, duh".  Needless to say, I do not get that question anymore.

     My ninth graders yesterday asked me if the baby could hear them.  I said yes, so now anytime I walk past one of them they say "hi, baby."  It's kinda cute.

    My new set of seniors today said "When you leave the room, you need to let us know where you are going.  What if you were in labor or something, you had us worried. "  I had gone to the bathroomTongue Tied

  • Haha I  miss my 6th graders. I used to teach 5th and 6th.
  • I teach 6th and I really think they are starting to cut me some slack because they have been SO good since we've been back from the holidays. Smile It's funny because when they see that I'm starting to get annoyed, they tell me to calm down because I'm going to stress out the baby.  They are so worried that I am not going to come back after I have the baby...They literally ask me everyday.  They are so sweet sometimes...
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