3rd Trimester

38 weeks dr visit...

again, I did not get checked to see if i was dilated. wtf. is this normal? i know it doesn't make a difference whether she does or not but I personally would like to know if I've been making any progress at all.

I'm just upset and tired of waiting.. but our little one will come when she's ready.. 

Re: 38 weeks dr visit...

  • So just ask for an internal.

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  • Did you ask your doctor to check you? If it's not standard practice for your doc, then you have to ask. They aren't mind readers, you know...
  • i had my 38 week appointment today and my doc gave me the option of having one. i had one done last week and i was at 0 cm. i didnt have many contractions this past week so i said i didnt want one. He said that next week he will do one for sure. i had the option because he said if i am not contracting regularly there is no point in checking.
  • Have you been having any contractions including BH? I went for my 38 week appointment today and they asked if I had been having any contractions and my doc asked me if I wanted her to check me and I said if you need to.I have been having a lot more pelvic pressure and occasional BH contractions. I was only 1 cm and "slightly" effaced. The 37 week appointment they weren't going to check me unless I was having any contractions and I hadn't at that point.  Just ask when she generally does them.

  • My first internal was at my 35/36 week appointment.  When I went yesterday, the nurse told me that they would check again if I wanted but they normally skip a week (I asked that they check, however).  From what I've read in previous posts, some doctors don't start to check until 38/39 weeks because it could start labor.

    I would ask about your OB's normal practice though.  Maybe they usually wait unless you ask.

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