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Am I just being paranoid?

Is it just me or has anyone ever felt this way?  I'm 5 months and for the most part I've been feeling pretty pregnant lately (growing belly, aches and pains, uncomfortable at night, etc).  Last night I was feeling especially pregnant and then all of a sudden this morning when I woke up I didn't feel anything?!?!  I even thought my belly looked and felt like it shrunk a little? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Am I just being paranoid or is this normal to have days like this?

Re: Am I just being paranoid?

  • I think its pretty normal. I'm only 19 weeks but, like you some days or even different times in the same day I feel like that. MH just laughs at me when i tell him that I think my stomach shrunk. Hope you have a smooth remaining 4 months :)
  • I agree with the PP. I have days that OMG everything aches and then some days I hop out of bed with no aches..I even feel like I'm not pregnant except for the showing belly. I think it's normal, just realx and if you have more concerns contact your doctor, he will be able to tell you what your going through.
  • You might, I mean, really... who isn't sometimes? 

    A good way to calm your nerves is to do kick counts.  Drink a large glass of cold OJ/Water and see if you feel anything.  Usually, that wakes the baby up and "kick starts" some movement.  

     Don't forget that babies sleep sometimes.  

    If it would make you feel better, you can get this:


    which will not add any ultrasound waves to your baby, but will let your partner hear a heart beat.  

    Just a thought.


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