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Does anyone already have a routine going with their 3 wk old? Its kinda hard cuz she eats every 3-4 hrs and it changes the hours every day. What are your thoughts?

Re: Routine?

  • Curious to hear responses...I have a 4 week old who eats 3.5-4 hours, occassionally 5 at night, and I'm wondering how to leverage her patterns.
  • At 3 weeks old the only routine you should have is listening to him when he is hungry and tired. You can start trying to establish between night and day by getting ready for "bed" at a certain time each night but you should still be somewhat flexible. You can also wake him to eat at the 3 hour mark in the day and then let him go until he is hungry once it is past his "bedtime". Other then that when a baby is sleeping 18-20 hours a day, there is not much else you can do.
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  • 3 weeks is much to early for a routine. It is all about you and your baby getting to know one another. So sit back relax and enjoy. My baby is now 8 weeks and we are just now working on routine. However they are babies growing and changing ever so quickly so just when I think I have a routine she throws me for a loop.

  • Just go with the flow for the first two months.  The baby is too young and will want to eat, play, poop whenever he/she wants.  We started the routine at 2 months and it has worked well. 
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