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Nursing Tank Question

Hi Ladies! Question for those of you who are BFing - I've started looking into nursing tanks for post delivery and several of my girlfriends have recommended the ones target carries. On the website, target advertises two is a "Full Sling" and one is a "Side Sling". From what I've gathered, the full sling has one panel across the girls and you bring the whole panel down for nursing, the side sling has clasps on each side so you separately unclasp each side depending on which you plan to nurse on.

 All that said, I have two questions: 1. Are my impressions of these accurate? 2. Which do you prefer?

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Re: Nursing Tank Question

  • Actually, I just looked and I have the "full sling" ones.  Basically, the full sling has a built-in bra with individual holes "cut" out for each of the girls.  you can still unclasp the sides individually but get support from the bra on the sides and in the middle.

    The picture of the "side sling" makes it look like the built-in bra part may have just one cut-out for both of the girls leaving just the sides and under-part for support...

     If you look at the full details and then the pictures on Target's website this should make more sense as I don't think I'm doing a good job explaining it.

  • i have a side sling target tank and a full sling glamourmom tank and i definitely prefer the side sling.  for one thing, the fabric tends to get in the way when i'm trying to nurse with the full sling as the holes don't seem to line up right with my nipples. also, with the full sling you can see the outline of the cutouts through the shirt so it looks like i have these big circles around my nipples.  i should note that i have pretty small boobs so if you're bigger this might not be a problem for you and the full sling probably provides more support.
  • I like my Medela Nursing tank.  It has the clasps on each side. I wish I had more of them.

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