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Anyone have a strong urge to have another child?

After spending these few weeks with my new LO, I would love to have him a brother or sister right away! DH and I are not going to for the next few years because I'm going for my CRNA in June, but we would love to!  Just wondering how many other people would love to get pregnant again in the near future. 

Re: Anyone have a strong urge to have another child?

  • Not yet for me! Maybe in a few months... like another 7 or 10 months... but definitely not yet!
  • I would love another but it's impossible for us too right now. I love big families although I'm also concerned about how we can afford a decent quality of life with a lot of children.

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  • I would love to be pregnant. I think it was one of my favorite times in my life. I don't know if I could handle "irish twins" though. We're looking to start TTC again in 2011
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  • I do! However, I want Sylvie to have her time to get all of the attention. Also, my body needs a break!!!!
  • We might have one more but we won't be going there for a minimum of two years. My pregnancy was hard and delivery was traumatic so we really have to talk about it before we go there.
  • I did have the urge after my first.  I was ready to be done and not have any for a few years (or so I thought) but then I met her.  We actually found out we were pregnant on her first birthday, our first and second are twenty months apart.  However, I had baby fever waaaaaay before then!

     We waited a little bit longer between our second and third.  As much as I had baby fever again I felt bad that our second didn't get the same amount of one-on-one time just by default.  But still, there's only 25 1/2 months between them.

     We ultimately want to have four, but I'm not sure if I want to wait and have them even farther apart, or just get pregnant again and be done with it.  I was miserable and hurting this pregnancy and was sure I wouldn't want to do it again, but looking at my third daughter?  There's no way I wouldn't go through much worse for another baby.  They are so wonderful and amazing!

  • Yes, definitely.  When I was in labor, I swore I'd never do that again.  It wasn't miserable, but not something I wanted to experience again.  Now here I am, six weeks later, already sad that my baby's growning up so fast and missing having a tiny baby.  I am looking forward to doing it all over, but my body needs a break.  We probably won't even think of trying until 2011.
  • I would LOVE to be pregnant again with another around the time Samuel is 1-2years of age... But the hubby wants to be done, i dunno, maybe i still can convince him!
  • I want to be pregnant again so bad!  I've been thinking about it since my DS was born and would really love to be, but I think we're going to wait until at least August if not later.
  • ME!!!! But I'm so not ready anytime soon.  Thinking about in 3 years or so.  DH was the one who started talking about it first.  I'm so psyched b/c he was an only child and said 1 was enough.  But since Abigail was born he's changed his mind! 
  • I'm DONE!! lol. Granted, we already have 2 sons and our daughter but really, I have no more baby fever. I thought I did earlier this week when I realized that DD wont be a tiny newborn forever but that quickly changed when she decided to stay up all night. I never thought I would have 3 kids, but it's a perfect number for us. =)
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