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***May Momma's Wednesday Check-In***

Morning Momma's!!!!   


QOTD: Are you getting an Epidural? Why or why not?!  As we all learn what "Team" we're on, please include your EDD! Thanks so much! 


Here is our check-in for everyone with a due date in May 2010. If you would like to be added please post your bump name, real name (optional), age (optional), and your EDD (expected delivery date). If we missed you at the last check in please post again.

If anything has changed, like your EDD after an ultrasound, please post an update with your original EDD so you can be easily found on the list.

If you are listed in the due date unknown list, please update your due date for us so that you can be added to the correct date.

Check-ins will be Mon, Weds, and Fri mornings.  A link to the Check-in will be posted in the late afternoon/early evenings of Check-in day as a reminder.  Feel free to check-in any time that day.  Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you would like to add.  We will have a question of the day as well. 



3littleladies, (Amy), 32 TEAM PINK

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Ali-blnovos, (Alina), 27 TEAM BLUE

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21 TEAM BLUE

Bcuzufu, (Brit), 33, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bets12, (Betsy), 27 TEAM BLUE


Court1, 27


elfsgirl08, (Erin), 29 TEAM PINK

evitawylie TEAM GREEN

Jhroga (Jessica) 27 TEAM PINK

JordanS803 (Jordan) 23, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Kimberly_I (Kimberly) 30

Laurmar21 (Lauren) 25 (BOY) TEAM GREEN


Mrs.SWilson, 24, (GIRL)

MrsTyler04, TEAM BLUE

Nate&Mel, (Melissa), 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Nicole4312, (Nicole), 27 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

OhioMama2355, 27 TEAM PINK

RockChalkJhawk (Melissa) 35

spout3    (Stacey)  28


Taraleffel, 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

TiffanyClark, (Tiffany), 23, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Twinpeaks (Mary Ellen) 32



alicebean (Alice)  25 (BOY) TEAM PINK

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21

BabyBalogh, (Julia), 19, (GIRL)

Breannek.ot (Breanne) 30

Brewtowngirl 32 TEAM BLUE

CatO,  27

chococherry354 (Ashley)  21

cutie42031 (Laura)

DonsJMUBride , (Jacqi), 27

erinlynn711, (Erin), 31, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Ivyreb, (Allyn), 31

Jason&Erin082507 (Erin) 27 TEAM PINK

Jess_n_mark (Jessica) 25

JewelsZ (Jewels)  27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE


MichahKarlene, (Karlene), 23, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Mjm123, (Melissa), 30, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

naybride04, (Christina), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Sandybem, (Sandy), 24 TEAM BLUE

Summer510,  26

tanisha_05.24.09 (Tanisha),  25 (BOY) TEAM BLUE


Thestewartsrock, (Heather), 27

VTGal, (Kristen), 29, (GIRL)

willsmumma, (Amy), 28, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Waterwings80, 29


MAY 3  

Addie22, 30

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Bbetson (Brooke)  29

Butterbeansmama, (Beth), 33, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Dschpsy, 33 

Dustinblouin, (Katie), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

EllaB_04, (Rachael), 29, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Hotpinkprincess82 (Courtney) 27

K&K-070809-, (Kelsey), 26 TEAM BLUE

Kmswan427, Kelli, 32 TEAM BLUE

mom_E224, (Erica), (BOY) TEAM BLUE

srhoades86 (Sarah) 23

Snoopymom09, (Meredith), 27 (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Snoochie  (Becka)


MAY 4  

Alyssa102 (Alyssa) 26, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Angilene92 (Angilene) 35

Bakedlaurabean, 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bride2Be615, 25, (BOY)

Cajun_Tiger (Stacey) 25

*CBK*, (Carrie), 27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

elmoali   (Allison) 29

jess0726 (Jessica) 29

KellyJoJo (Kelly) 33

maeghan21,  31, TEAM GREEN

Michellejdent (Michelle)  33

Morgan456, 29 (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Mrs.DeHav, (Christina), 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Onehautehostess, (Jennifer), 27 TEAM GREEN

Pennylane2241982, (Jillian), 27 TEAM GREEN

saraandles (Sara)

shannon1110 (Shannon)

sturgeje, (Jessica), 23, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE



3*peas*in*a*pod, 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Emmajean85 (Emily) 24

Hshingler (Heather)

Indiana_muse, 32 TEAM PINK

kate3636, (Kate), 27, (BOY)

KellyAnne&Chris, (Kelly), 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

konaboomom (Alicia) 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Lauryn216 (Lauren)  27

Misma09, (Marlene), 26 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

MrsPorter, (Karla), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

NewMommy423 (Ashley) 26 TEAM BLUE

RaphSandra2005 (Sandra) 28

Soon2BeMrs.S, 26

Vane_gator, (Vanessa), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK


MAY 6  

Anner804, (Anne), TEAM GREEN

Applebride40 (Sarah) 28

Arpslady, (Amanda), 23 TEAM BLUE

Ashley&Dean (Ashley) 25

ChelseaBell (Chelsea) 26 TEAM BLUE

Header25 (Sarah) 28

J?sLisa, (Lisa), (BOY) TEAM PINK

JustSadie (Sadie) 24, (GIRL)

LynnLee03, (Erin), 29 TEAM BLUE

mistyblue182, (Becky), 25, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Pennynjon, (Penny), 30 TEAM PINK

Pictureprfect143, (Tarin), 24 (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Scott&kim (Kimberly) 36


Smiles122482 (Lauren) 26

Soon2BThelen, 28

srahandeddiejune212008 (Sarah)

Sweetestlove, (Amanda), 30 TEAM BLUE



MAY 7  

*2PsNaPod*, (Megan), 20 TEAM BLUE

2bamom, (Jackie), 29, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Amessec, (Angela), 24, (GIRL) TEAM PINK


BrainySmurfette (Melissa)

Edbenbow, 25 TEAM GREEN

Eviebee,  29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Futurefolks, (Rita), 28

FutureMECC (Beth)

Heatherpb1020,  28

JJMD09, 29

katater, 32, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

L?s mommy (Jill), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK  


lilmoe 28

marzinelli17,  27

monstergurl, (Martie), 31, (BOY)

Newmommyin2010, (Stephanie), 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Palan, (Pam), 36 TEAM BLUE

schnappycat (Laura) 36

Sul06 (Kristin)  26, (BOY)  TEAM PINK

tamhen1979 (Tammie) 30

tattor (Torie)

WildcatPrincess (Courtney) 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Zakuravlm, (Valerie), 28, (BOY) TEAM PINK


MAY 8  


Dcunningham,  (Deanna), 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Iraabel, (Allycin), 43 TEAM BLUE

Jenah13 (Jenah) 21

KK2004, 32, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Lmccabe79 (Lauren) 30

Mrs.wink08 (Erica) 24 TEAM BLUE

Mrs.wtm, 31

PMeg819 (Meg) 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

ScarlettATZ (Andrea) 30 TEAM PINK

Teelaman, TEAM PINK

Trmptr18. (Lauren), 25, (BOY)

Veritas1214 (Sarah) 27


MAY 9  

1StepAtATime, 28, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Beansi, 28

Careyrdh, (Carey), 23, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Caileyhc, (Cailey), 28, TEAM GREEN

Cmmc23, (BOY)

DCM5980, (Danielle), 29, (GIRL)

Dynomite, (Abbie), 27, (BOY)

Eleventofive, 26

Elliezen (Ellie) 28 (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Jays_bride, (Heather), 34, TEAM GREEN

Jkclosso (Jen) 30

katesmom73,  36, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

LestaMarie, (Celeste), 28

Lilfluke, (Courtney), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Mayra2105, (Mayra), 22

Mcpelc (michelle) 30, (BOY)

Megcheer2, (Megan), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

MrsDawn, (Dawn), 32, (GIRL)

Rohansmom (merisa) 32, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Shanbak, (Shannon), 28, (BOY)

Stacieandclint (Stacie) 31

Sunfish22, (Lindy), 26


MAY 10

Akrupin (Ali) 29

Bkenan (Brittany) 22

Ceeble, 31

Erin&Ryan (Erin)  28 (BOY) TEAM PINK

Gennwaver (Genn)

giggles8, 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Hula14 (Chelsea) 26

laurasue (Laura)  31, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Lauren9881, (Lauren), 28 TEAM BLUE

LLF7575, 34

Mrsaugie, (Stephanie), (GIRL) TEAM PINK

MrsSoapbox (Bethany) 30

MrsW722 (Melisa) 29

NowDNAtoo (Dena) 39

ntnycurlz (Kate) 30

starfish113 (Melissa) 27 TEAM PINK


MAY 11

Candicrazee, (Tammi), 31 TEAM PINK

Fishstyx, (GIRL)

Gabbysmama, (Heather), 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Klcl8981 (Kaitlin) 20

Krisb830, 27

Lawyerbride09 (Rachel) 33

Laxbugg1410, (Helen), 29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

LKKJJK10, (Laura), 29 TEAM GREEN

Lokekelo, 32

LuckyH (Heather) 34

Mkoeth (Monica) 29

officerswife31 (Stacey)  24

punkfiction (Amanda)  26 TEAM PINK

saraheg77, (Sarah), 32, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Trigirl30, (Carly), 34, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Tiffer2shoes, (Tiffany), 29, (BOY)



MAY 12               

Ameliaandmatt, (Amelia), 25, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Angnowamrs (Angela)

Coshea1, Christena

ChristinaD09, (Christina), 25 TEAM BLUE

Jenn4 (Jennifer) 33

Jmarie17 (Jen) 27 (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Julietbride, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Kbwifey (Brittany) 23

Kjeorange, 30

LC0479 (Lauren) 30

Luckybug22 (Ashley) 25

missdanib (Danielle) 34

Naturegirl417, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Rachelle_paige82, (Rachelle), TEAM GREEN

Scooter19 (Jill) 28

Tfraser07 (Tess) 28 TEAM BLUE

Tinybride08, 27


MAY 13               

A_Seattle, 28

Ashley&Dean, (Ashley), 26

C_Johnson (Christina) 24

Candylies (Amy) 28

Carolrohrsetzer (Caroline) 26

chazlewo, 29, TEAM BLUE

Csuefazio, (Carla), 32, (GIRL)

Hellomynameisfabulous, (Ashley), 26, TWINS* (GIR

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Re: ***May Momma's Wednesday Check-In***

  • QOTD - No epidural for me! I didn't have one with DS either. I just knew I always wanted a natural childbirth, so when I was in labor with DS I didn't even think of the epidural as an option. I had a great L&D with DS and I hope for that again this time around!

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    Lilia Rose - 5/11/10 - 8lbs 6oz, 21 inches
  • QOTD: Are you getting an Epidural? Why or why not?!  

    I've always planned to, even before my BFP. This will be a joyuous occasion and I'd much rather be comrfortable than feeling crappy. But I DO applaud the women who have the willpower to go at it naturally.

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  • Not planning on an epidural, but not completely ruling it out because this is my first and I realize that I might change my mind once I get in there :)
  • I haven't actually worked out my birth plan yet but I am leaning towards an epidural. I have zero pain tolerance and I tend to get stressed out easily. I guess I need to figure it out soon!
  • I hope to avoid an epidural - more because I'm afraid of it than I'm set on natural childbirth.  If I do end up using drugs I'm hoping for another option.  The midwife office I'm going to has a much lower percentage of epis compared to the national average so I know they won't be pushing it.
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  • I will most likely have a repeat C-Section. I am about 80% sure of that. With DS I tried to have a natural childbirth and went med free for about 10 hours then they had to put me on pitocin and I ended up with a section after 15 hours of labor. It is definitely doable if you put your mind to it and have a great delivery room, partner. DH was awesome!
  • HELL YES.  I was induced with DS and had Pitocin.  OMG.  I had to wait 2 hours for my epi and thought I would die, lol.  Then, once I got it, I thought "why would anyone not want an epi?"  I mean I could still feel my contractions even with an epi and they made my eyes water, so I can't imagine not having one.  I'm not trying to be a hero ;)

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  • QOTD:  No epidural thanks!  I would much rather let my body tell me whats best and when.  Now, I'm not saying I won't loose any nerve once those contractions hit me...
  • QOTD: Are you getting an Epidural? Why or why not?! 

    I am not sure. My initial plans are not to, but this is my first birth and I am not sure what to expect.


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  • QOTD: Are you getting an Epidural? Why or why not?!

    No Epidural for me! I don't like needles and I don't like the fact that you are in the bed the rest of the time, etc. It just scares me.


  • I am not planning on getting one, but I am open to the idea if the pain becomes unmanageable.

  • QOTD: Are you getting an Epidural? Why or why not?!

    I'm certainly planning on it! I know circumstances change and plans are just plans but I'd rather get through this being able to enjoy and remember it for something other than pain and a baby at the end. :)

    Update: I'm 30 and Team Blue!

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  • Yes!  Most definitely!  I'm a huge wimp when it comes to pain and I'd rather enjoy this experience.  Plus I don't want to be scared away from having more kids.
  • I plan on having an epi....if for some reason I think I can handle it when I get there without one then I will try. I hate needles but I think I would rather have that pain than the actual childbirth pain.

  • I'd like to be added, if possible!

    I'm Nicole, almost 30 years old, EDD May 10, and Team Pink.

    I had an epidural with my first DS - I was induced at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia, and all those drugs made for a very harsh labor with double contractions.

    With DS #2, I did not have an epidural and went into labor on my own. The labor was still painful, but NOTHING like the induction.

    This time around, I would like to go into labor in my own and go without an epidural. But I am not opposed to one if I have to be induced!

  • image *2PsNaPod*:
    QOTD:  No epidural thanks!  I would much rather let my body tell me whats best and when.  Now, I'm not saying I won't loose any nerve once those contractions hit me...

    Ditto this.

    I'm planning/hoping for a intervention and med-free childbirth. But of course, you never know what will happen, so I know it's an option if I need it. I'm not scared of actually getting the epi, more of the side effects before, during and after. And I don't want to have to stay in bed while I'm laboring, I want to be able to move around.

    image image

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  • More than likely, yes.  I labored for 17 hours with Zachary and only made it to 3cm.  Once I had my epi, I relaxed and my body did what it was supposed to do.  I had him three hours later.  The pain was more intense than anything I'd imagined!
  • QOTD: Epidural? YES PLEASE! lol. I had one with DS and things went great! I only went through 5 hours of labor with him and felt no pain at all. Made my experience a little more controlled and  fun. I could enjoy the people who came up to see me during the process!
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    Erica & Justin
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  • Yes, please! At my yoga class, the instructor (she's also a doula) suggested that we consider maybe only getting half a dose as to minimally impact the baby. I was under the impression that the epidural didn't really enter the blood stream, which in turn would have no effect on baby. I am going to ask my sister-in-law, who happens to be an anesthesiologist. Because if there is no effects (which I suspect there are not), then give me a full dose!!
  • I plan on seeing if I can do with out this time.  I had one with DD (and really needed it b/c of monster ctxns, back labour, 9lbs of baby and 4th degree tearing) but it didn't fully take and I still felt a lot.  Knowing I made it through all that I think I may be able to go with out... DEPENDING on how big they estimate this baby to be.  Also the epi made me barf.  It will be a we'll see how it goes.  Plan all you want ladies, but stay flexible!
  • i'd like to say no...... but i just don't think i can do it without!
  • I am going to keep an open mind. I did get one with DD but I think I am going to try to go without this time. I am not at all opposed to them though.
  • Good morning everyone! I had always thought I would get an epidural way before BFP. I have just now begun reading about my different labor options and I am not sure if its for me. I would like to walk around and labor in different positions and don't want to feel confined to the bed. That being sad, I have the weakest pain tolerance of anyone I know so it could be a challenge...
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  • My plan is to go as natural as possible.  I may change my mind when that time gets here though.  My thoughts are we were made to have babies. Women before us didnt have pain meds.  And I'm scared of big needles especially ones that go anywhere near my spine.
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  • I do plan on having an epidural. I'm so glad that I had one with the first baby. She was coming out the wrong way so with 7 of my contractions the Dr. actually put her arm up there to move DD the right way. Then I had emergency surgery right after and instead of putting me out they were able to just up my epi so I wasn't all groggy when I met DD :)

    We're team PINK! :) 


  • Umm, yes please to the epi!  And from what I hear, maybe a little extra to get me through the first week or so post-partum...

     Also, please add me to team pink, EDD May 20!  Thanks!

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  • Epidural or spinal as I'll be having a repeat c-section. I did have an epidural with DD and I'm so glad I did given that I was in labor for over 13 hours and then ended with a c-section.

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  • Not planning on one. 

    I didn't get one with my first and I was fine.  I went through 24 hours of labor, with 4 hours of pushing and a forcept effort and ended up with a section because of her head placement.  Doc said she would have never come out naturally.  I was pretty heart broken about the whole thing.  I will tell you with my experience once the doc broke my water the contracts were pretty painful and the forcepts were like being tortured - I didn't know what they looked like at the time and I really just wanted to avoid a section.  

    My biggest fear besides something happening to the baby was getting the epi.  I did end up with a spinal block for the section so they wouldn't have to knock me out.  

    I'm going for a drug free v-bac fingers crossed.   

  • QOTD: absolutely! I have yet to find valid reasons not to.
    There are no blurred lines, only jail time

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    my blog: Inspirationseeker.blogspot.com
  • 3 inductions (yes, all 3 were a week late), 4th degree tearing, 13hr labors, forceps, all 3 were 8 lbs, all were natural (except for Pitocin)

    Why have an epidural with the 4th?

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