3rd Trimester

sucky L&D trip, kinda long

Saturday night from one to five a.m. was spent in the hospital hooked up to moniters.

Here's the back story. Around eleven thirty I decided I wanted a little sexy time with SO. So etc etc. Then about an hour or so later I had this big gush of fluid. Soaked my pantiliner, underwear, and got my pj's a bit wet. I changed and put on another pantiliner which was soaked through in another ten minutes or so. And then another. And one more. So around twelve forty five I called the hospital and they told me to come on up and get checked out. They hooked me up and I found out I was having contrax every two and a half to three minutes. I drank tons of water and was lying down and they weren't slowing down. They did the amnisure test to see if my water had broken, but they didn't do that until around four. It came back negative and my contrax had started to slow down a bit so I was on the monitor for another hour and then they sent me home.

Really scary. It definitely made me realize I am not ready to have this baby yet! So I've spent the past couple days finishing up the nursery, installing the car seat, and doing laundry.I'm still having contrax on and off, but nothing like that night. And at my internal yesterday morning, I was only 50 effaced and "pretty much" closed. Whatever that means. She is really really low though, so my doctor thinks she might come quicker than anticipated. I just hope she stays in there for another couple of weeks!

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