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thoughts on membrane stripping....

How do you ladies feel about having your membranes stripped at 39 weeks?My doctor suggested it for my next appt. but I'm not sure how I feel about it...I almost rather let things happen on their own, unless I go way past my due date.  Any thoughts?

Thanks :) 

Re: thoughts on membrane stripping....

  • Had it done with my DS-hurt like hell but he finally came out!  :) I was 6 days late when my dr stripped mine and then he was born 2 days later totally worth it!
  • The doc can only strip your membranes if you are already starting to dilate (more than a fingertip), meaning that your body is ready and already starting to progress. ?

    As of my 40w appt, my doctor couldn't get his fingers in deep enough to do the sweep. ?IMO, if your body will allow it, go for it. ??

  • I don't see it as a method for inducing. It didn't do a thing for me when I was pg w/ DD. Fortunately, I didn't find it painful at all, but if you have it done just do it with an open mind (it could totally get things going, but it could also do nothing). I first had mine stripped w/ DD around 38 wks and she arrived 3 days post EDD. GL and sending labor dust your way!
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  • Well, just know that membrane stripping doesn't always work. I had it done 3x with DS. The only one that worked was the 3rd time when the nurse got a little rough and accidentally broke my water! I pray that doesn't happen to you, it sucked. But anyway, If you are close, with some progress, that's really the only way I would opt for it, otherwise you are just volunteering yourself for some potentially unnecessary pain. JMO.

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  • Thank you!!!  I didn't know too much about it until doing some reading today.  I think I may stick it out until it's absolutely necessary :)
  • I wouldn't.  As a pp said, there is a risk of your water breaking- and if that happens, you're on the timeclock to deliver, whether or not your body was really ready.  To me, it's not worth it- but then again, I am trying for a VBAC and avoiding intervention whenever possible. If you are ok with the possibility of interventions like induction, pitocin, epidural, etc- then maybe try it- but if you'd like a natural birth I would stay far away. Even doing internal exams doesn't necessarily tell you anything and it introduces the possibility of infection.  GL!
  • As miserable as I am right now, I would wait it out.
  • There's no statistical evidence that says that it helps start labor.  Personally I'm going to decline if my doctor suggests it.

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  • My doc says that she will do it tomorrow.  I did lots of reading on it.  The only negative side I see to it is that it says you can get really crampy and that can mess with your sleep.  Some websites suggest this can be bad because you need all the sleep you can get before labor.  But I am already crampy and getting crappy sleep, so whats the diff?

    We'll just wait and discuss it with the Doc tomorrow!

    March 21, I find out how far along we are. :)
  • It will only work if your body is ready and they can only do it if your body is at a certain point anyways.. Babys head must be in position and you have to be partially effaced and starting to dilate. Because of this the doctors see it as a natural way to kick things into gear. If you are in a place that the doctor can do it then go for it! Though while they are doing it it hurts!!!
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  • I'd only do it if I was at least 2 weeks late.  An EDD is just that...an estimated due date.  Unless you know the EXACT day you ovulated and conceived it can easily be off...especially if you had a somewhat irregular cycle.   They calculate it from the last menstrual period assuming that you ovulated on CD14...what if you ovulated on CD28?  Then you'd not be two weeks late, but right at 40 weeks.
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