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NBR: RIP To a dear friend.

Sorry for the sad post, but i wanted to have everyone think about how lucky we are to  be pregnant!

Take the time to enjoy it for all its wonders, even the not so great ones!


In 2005 I lost my best friend this week in a car crash, a freak crash that was only 10 miles an hour.  Her mom came to my baby shower this weekend and wrote in my card, and I think this is something we can all live by.

"Congrats, Enjoy each day you have with your little one, everyday is a gift from god, and please take it all in each and every day. A child is the best gift you can be given, even if its for a short time, treasure it for what it is, and never think twice about the love you will have for this baby I love you and miss you."

Love always your best friend, Hollie XOXOXO

She wrote more but she made it seem like it was words that would have come from Hollie, and it really makes me take a step back, and be so thankful for this pregnancy. 

I wanted to give everyone something to live by... In the words of Hollie, after her sister died 16 months before she did.


"Kiss slowly, Love Deeply, Live crazy Die happy" 

This week she was on life support from the 11th to the 17th. Not a day goes by that i dont think of her and have her in my heart. 

 Their full story 

Us a few weeks before her crash



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