3rd Trimester

Makeup Woes

In the last month or two my makeup just doesn't apply right any more. It seems like it cakes up in weird places and almost as though my color has changed. I'm thinking it's due to the hormonal changes I'm going through.

Has anyone else had problems with their makeup like this and can you offer any solutions? I hate looking for foundation... it's so hard to find something I actually like!

Re: Makeup Woes

  • I have been using this.  It's lightweight and very blendable.
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  • I did have this problem. I found that I really needed to moisturize my face a lot more than I normally was used to during. Once I started doing that it got better. But to do honest I have been on bedrest for a month and so I really haven't been doing my make-up very often. I only have been throwing some on when I go to the doc and in the past few weeks I haven't even been doing that! Embarrassed
  • Ive been going through the same thing and have not found a makeup solution. I have developed cholasma, it looks like patches of frekles on my cheeks and forehead...very attractive :(  So Ive been on the search for a foundation as well, although Ive never used it before. I feel your pain!
  • Man am I glad you said this. I look like I raided mommy's make-up drawer!!! LOL
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  • Man am I glad you said this. I look like I raided mommy's make-up drawer!!! LOL

    Me too! I feel like when I make en effort to put on some makeup and look nice it blows up in my face... no pun intended! LOL!

    The weight gain is hard enough without looking like a clown too! I think I hate those glowy, skinny w/ a b-ball belly, perky chics. You suck! LOL!

    I may be in the 3rd trimester but I still have 8 weeks of this crap. LOL! 


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