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Nothing to do w/ Baby... Just NEED to Vent

Ok, so my bff is going through a messy divorce. I went to visit her the week after Christmas and her ex-husband kept texting her wanting us to meet up with him. If it was as simple as one of those "I just don't love you any more and we need to go our separate ways" divorces it would have been hard enough, but there was much more to it than that.

Right after they decided to split, I found out something that was pretty bad on his part. But they had already decided to get a divorce and I figured that what I knew would only make things worse, so I just kept it to myself and didn't want to get involved.

 Anyway, while I was there I decided that what was done was done and I told her what I had found out. And that this was the reason I didn't want to see him.

I'm thinking that she threw it in his face and it "stirred the pot" so to speak. I wish I had just kept my big mouth shut. But the whole situation is bringing me down. Not only because of the trouble it is starting to cause, but it's my fault for speaking up. In reality I think she had the right to know and maybe I should have told her sooner... any words of encouragement?

Re: Nothing to do w/ Baby... Just NEED to Vent

  • In my opinion what's done is done. You thought long and hard about it and did what you thought was right. That is the best you could do as a good friend and I'm sure your friend knows where you were coming from!

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  • These situations are always very tricky. It's always hard to know if you should speak up or not, but since she is your bff I'd say that your relationship is probably solid enough for you to tell her something about her husband, and her not get mad at you. Like you said, she deserves to know. Personally I would want to know - and I would be really angry if I found out later my bff knew and didn't tell me.
  • lolz, i thought this post was a vent about it being winter and having nothing to do with the baby bc it's too cold
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