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AARG! Timing stinks! Phone call for job interview

Here I am, 2 weeks before my due date, and I get a phone call for a job interview that would be really great for me & my career! Darn timing!!!! Why not in a few weeks?!

Re: AARG! Timing stinks! Phone call for job interview

  • What did you tell them?? Are you going to go interview? That's tough...maybe they can wait a few weeks to interview you??
  • I would tell them your situation, but that you would definitely be interested in the job and would like to interview around (pick a date).  Would you be willing to start work before 12 weeks PP?
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  • I need to call them back, they left a message. I plan to explain the situation... hopefully they'll still give me a shot, but I doubt it!
  • Uggg! I know the feeling! I had a job interview that wouldn't have been much of a pay increase but the benifits would have been worth it and I would have gotten my foot in the door at a really great institution. But, this was right before Christmas and I still had about 12 weeks. I just couldn't give up the maternity leave that I have saved up where I am! So I called and cancelled my interview. :(

    I'm trying not to keep looking until I actually go on maternity leave, then will be free to do what I want. Hopefully there will be more opportunities. The economy is pretty tight around here especially the job market!

  • I know exactly what you mean...I literally just got off of a phone interview.  I asked how quickly they were looking to fill the position and they said rather soon and would like to bring me in for a half day interview!!  Um....don't think that is going work.

    OMGoodness...not one minute of being off the phone, I just got another call for another phone interview with the same company for a different position.  The worst question "when is a good time for a phone interview"....um I don't know!!!  Looks like tomorrow -- hopefully I am not in labor.

    You are SOOOO right, DARN TIMING.  I guess they are right when they say, when it rains it pours! 


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