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There has to be a nicer way to ask...

I walked into work yesturday and someone ask, "you didnt pop yet?" and "you're still here?" Seriously, I get asked that several times a day. I work at a day care and the kids always ask, the baby didnt come out yet, coming from a 5 yr old its not so bad but an adult is a different story.

Re: There has to be a nicer way to ask...

  • I completely agree. I find it funny when they ask "You're still pregnant?" when you obviously are :)
  • Yeah I do have to say I am not getting the "Have you popped yet?" questions but I am getting the "wow you look like your going to pop!" and "How much longer, looks like any day now!" I want to stab people in the eyes when they say that. Or look at me like I am a whale.. Have people no cooth anymore?
  • Well, since you aren't even to 40 weeks yet... hmmmm, what do they think?

    As for the kids, a fun project for them might be to put up a calendar and circle your due date so they can help you track the time before the baby gets here. I know there not "your" kids, but being a day care veteran myself, they really do love getting involved.

    Plus, if they are around when someone asks, they will be more than happy to answer for you :) "Nooooo, Ms. Teacher has 21 days left!" Of course, this will only work up to your due date. Maybe then they could each guess what day the baby will come? Hey, it could work! LOL

  • My personal favorite is "Wow, you're HUGE!" Gee, thanks, I hadn't noticed that my stomach is sticking out nice and far for the world to see Stick out tongue
  • Yesterday was the day after my due date.  You have no idea how many of these comments I got at work.  I wish I could have stayed chained to my desk, but a girl's gotta pee!  Every time I had to walk to the bathroom and/or kitchen, the onslaught of comments was unbearable.

    I actually wanted to cry a few times.  It's just a constant reminder that YES I'M STILL PREGNANT SHUT UP THX.

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  • I am starting to hate it when people say, "you look pregnant!"....no Sh*+....that's what I am.
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