3rd Trimester

Help! I need some answers!

Hello fellow bumpies! I am 33 weeks pregnant and this morning I had to go to the hospital because I have been having BH for 2 days straight accompanied by severe back pain and menstrual like cramping. The dr. did an internal and said that I was still closed. Good news, I know. So I have been told that it is normal to have some spotting after an internal, but I had no spotting earlier or any other time that I have had an internal. However, I just went to the bathroom and noticed that I am having some spotting and it is like almost 10 hours after my exam! This is my second pregnancy and I have never had anything like this happen. Could someone please tell me if this is normal? I am still having back pains as well as what I believe are BH. Any advice you guys could give is appriciated! Thanks!

Re: Help! I need some answers!

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