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Kiddie Kandids - 1 yr photos

Hey - Sorry I've been TOTALLY MIA recently, things have been really crazy with holidays, work etc.

Anywhoo - I'm looking for a very inexpensive place to have 1 yr picts done that's close by and convenient.  I called all the places at Stonebriar and made an appt with KK.  Anyone have anything horrible to tell me about them (and of course anything good too).

 BTW, we have a very nice camera, so we've never had pro picts done.  I'm having family ones done in April by a friend who does child photog, but I really want something for her official 1 year. 


Re: Kiddie Kandids - 1 yr photos

  • I haven't used KK at Stonebriar so can't help you there, but we have used the Portriat Innovations off the tollway in Plano. They are in the Target parking lot. They have a package for $9.95 and there are a ton of pics, but you only get one pose. There prices after that were very reasonable and I always walk out with way too many pics. They are were great when we had 1 year pics done. They usually one do 2 outfits, but since he did so well they allowed me to do three clothing changes.
  • Haven't been there but we've been to Picture People at the mall several times.  They did such a good job with the boys' 1 year pics that we ended up buying the CD with all the pictures on it b/c they were all so good!!

    The thing that I like is that there is no sitting fee so if the pics aren't that great for some reason, you aren't out any money at all.

  • Thanks ladies - I'm hoping they're equivalent to PP & Port. Innov.  I know both of those places do a good job.  I called PP at Stonebriar and the girl was really short, rude and hung up before I could ask a question, so we're not going there. 

    Hopefully I'll post some picts soon - wish us luck, appt today at noon!

  • We have used JC Penneys for our dd's 6 weeks, 6 mo., and we are doing 9 mo. pics.  We also did santa pics and Christmas pics w/ our MIL there and loved how they all turned out.  They have great coupons.  I usually use the one w/ a free 8x10 and ea. additional sheet is 3.99.  You get get a lot for cheap.  You can also get all the images on a cd for $100 and print them yourself.  They once told me to use walgreens for printing because they use the same comany WGs uses.




  • We went to KK at Stonebriar when Mackinley was 2 months old and they were excellent! They were very good at working with young children. They have LOTS of props, if you are wanting to use some. And my favortie part was (with the exception of one specialty photo) our pictures and picture cd was ready to go 15 minutes after our session ended. We plan on going back for our one year pictures as well. When I get home, I will post a few of our pictures from our session.
  • There's a post about them on the DFW nest board this morning. Apparently they filed for bankruptcy and laid off all employees nationwide. Looks like you might want to find somewhere else.

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