2nd Trimester

Talk to me about the 1-hr glucose test.

Please don't tell me if you passed or not...that sorta scares me...but not sure why lol

I just want to know when it happens, does everyone have to do it, is it at the doctor's office or hospital generally, anything else helpful...

I know its been posted and I just didn't pay attention before. Sorry  :(

Re: Talk to me about the 1-hr glucose test.

  • It's not bad, you just drink a bottle or cup full of liquid and then they draw your blood. It is a simple blood draw and it is my understanding that is standard for all doctors. I am the biggest baby and for my first it was fine.?
  • i think everyone generally takes it around 28 weeks or entering the begining of 3rd tri. There isn't really much to be helpful about--- either you pass it or don't. my doctor kind of just told me it was happening next time and not to eat a candy bar before it but to have my normal meals.

    Edited to add: she also said not to eat a whole plate of carbs right before. but she did say to eat normally. like if i were going to have toast and eggs for breakfast thats fine, and maybe a salad with chicken. but she said defintely not to fast before the test because that can give a false negative result.

  • I think it is pretty standard.  My test last time was really easy...just some bad tasting orange drink, an hour to catch up on reading and some not so fun blood work.
  • I will be taking mine in 5 weeks. My doctor told me not to eat any carbs or sugars before going in; it can cause you to fail the test.
  • It's supposed to be at 26 weeks. Yes, everyone does it. Both of mine were at the lab place where I go for blood tests. It's really not bad, I promise.
  • I haven't done one yet in pregnancy, but I had to do a FOUR hour one for my fertility workup at my RE.  I drank a small bottle of orange soda (w/o carbonation) and had my blood drawn once per hour for a total of 4 draws, 2 vials each.  Here's where I can offer some advice.  One hour was fine, so you may not have a single issue, but if you ever have to do the 4 hour one, be prepared to have someone drive you home or at the very least, bring some water and a sandwich or something with high protein.  I nearly passed out and felt really confused and dizzy while driving.  I had to go through a drive through at Taco Bell to get my blood sugar back to normal.  It was incredibly scary.  I failed my test, too :(  I'm expecting GD...
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  • Thanks! So I should expect to hear about it at my next appointment then and I assume it'll happen in her office since that's where my blood draws have been going on. Just wanted an idea of what to expect and when. :)
  • I think the drink comes in two flavors and I completely forget which one tastes better.  My doctor gave it to me and told me to take it about a half  hour before I went to the lab.  I refrigerated it before drinking, which made it easier to drink. I didn't mind it much at all.  Kind of like a thicker orange drink.  Then they took my blood.  No problem.  Was probably one of the easier tests I had during my last pregnancy.
  • The doctor gave me my papers and told me to go for mine within the next couple of weeks. I'm 24 - 25 weeks and they said anytime now and on would be fine. So I've decided that I'm going to wait until the end of next week, possibly the beginning of the week after. It makes me nervous too!

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