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My poor boobs!

So let me preface this with, my boobs were my best bodily feature.  They are nicely shaped, large but not grotesque, and I had nice smallish and good colored nipples. 

Okay preface done.  Last week DH made two comments that made me want to smack him in the face.  I'm not generally a person that wants to inflict harm....but I'm hormonal....thats my excuse.  Anyway....Comment one "Wow your nipples got really dark, looks like the color of a cooked hotdog"  WTF?  Two days later, he and I were in the shower, and he said "Holy crap, I just noticed how big your nipples are getting"  I told him to get out of the shower.  I mean I know they are bigger, but I've seen other pregnant boobies and they aren't that big in comparison...but anyway.  Now I'm all sensative about my "girls"  Today I looked down and saw some really thin purple lines.  At first I thought they were stretch marks....I have florescent lights in my bathroom, but they are on the top of my boobs, not the sides...where I think they would be.  Anyway, upon closer inspection they look to be tiny little purpe veins. 

Long story short, I guess I didn't flame DH enough first go around.  I was still checking them out in the mirror when he came in and actually said "What are you just noticing those now?"  SIGHAngry

Hes not normally an a*** hole.  But hes on a roll.  I'm sad, I loved my boobs....sounds stupid, but I don't have great legs, or a great rear end, I'm over weight.....and they were very nice.  Now I'm afraid that the only things I really had going for me are going to be ruined forever....especially since I'm going to inflict more damage breast feeding. 

Its not important enough to get really upset over, Obviously, my LO is so worth it, and breast feeding is too important for me to lose sleep over this.  But my self esteem is taking a bit of a knocking. 

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Re: My poor boobs!

  • Don't worry, your nipples will go back to normal and the veins will go away, even after breast feeding. :)

    Honestly, your boobs may change though.  Mine did with BF DD.

  • image isabella22:

    Don't worry, your nipples will go back to normal and the veins will go away, even after breast feeding. :)

    Honestly, your boobs may change though.  Mine did with BF DD.

    This....everytime you start to think about it just remember why you are doing it. That is what I had to do everytime I saw my boobs after bfing two babies (seriously deflated balloons).

  • Men can be so insensitive - just imagine how they'd feel if we made a comment about their receding hairline!

    Yes, your boobs are going to change many, many times over the course of pregnancy, nursing, not nursing, and pregnancy and nursing again.  Remember not to feel sucky about it because EVERY woman who has a child is there with you!  They are part of the battle scars we should bear proudly (or swing lowly - haha)  We have no other choice but to embrace the new figure we have and although my body doesn't look like it did when we got married - I have more confidence as a woman now that I am a mom. That is sexy too.  :)

    FYI - before getting pregnant the 2nd time - I was 10lbs lighter than I was before I got pregnant the first time.  Exclusive breastfeeding and a slight increase in exercise (I had to put that stroller to use!) and the weight melted off.  I called my dd my little calorie burner and often enjoyed large chocolate shakes while nursing.  :)  Can't wait for calorie burner 2 to arrive - lol


  • My boobs were always my best feature, too.  The veins and dark nips DO get better.  My boobs only deflated a little after weaning Ben- although I was about 14 weeks pg at the time.  The skin looked a little stretched out but the overall shape was still good!  Plus, the blow back up again nicely once you're pg again.  And from what I've read, it's really just pregnancy and not BFing that changes your boobs. 
  • I'm bummed about my boobs too. Like you, I was kind of proud of them before, they were pretty damn nice.

    Now they look/feel heavy, have marks and veins all over them, and my nipples look weird. le-sigh. :(


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