sick of multiples- argh

This may sound horrible...but I am so sick of hearing about triplets. Ever since we told people no one can have a normal conversation with me.  Every computer at my work has a picture of random triplets, random people come up to me just to look at me because they heard someone in my area was having triplets... Its getting ridiculous. Im already a circus freak and I'm not even 14 weeks. Tell me it gets better... Not sure how much longer I can fake smile and say "ya...triplets is exciting...thanks" *grimaces on inside*

Thats my rant- anyone else annoyed like me- or am I hormonal? hahah

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Re: sick of multiples- argh

  • Lol my girls are only 5 weeks old and we are already tired of the commotion everytime we go out somewhere. It gets old fast!
  • I wish I could tell you it gets better, but at this point, it's going to get worse.  You won't be clear until *maybe* five years old.

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  • Read my latest blog post.  I doesn't get any better.  We bring the girls out in public and hear comments such as "Oh look, they are wearing matching jackets and hats." to "Wow, triplets?  It's good to see you out."
  • My mother is incapable of having any conversation that doesn't revolve SOLELY on the twins.

    Case in point- she texted me this morning, started off with:

    "Mornin! How are you feeling now?? When is the next doctor's appointment??"

    How bout, hey, how are you? Seen any good movies lately? Then she went on to tell me she's been shopping for them and once she knows the sexes will really go shopping! I told her I will do the registries once I know the sexes and she told me, "Oh I don't need no stinkin' registry!" 

    She didn't bother to call on Christmas but emailed me about some phantom appointment she thought I had. 

    She will only refer to herself in the 3rd person now. Somehow (even though neither DH and I are Greek) she has decided because my stepfather is a 1/4 Greek to call herself YaYa. Every one in the family hates it and thinks she's delusional. But I get, "YaYa is going shopping soon for my TWINS!" (Yes, twins is in caps whenever she talks about them.) 

    I feel you 100% girl.

  • it doesn't get better, sorry to say. ;) (i swear, i never knew ANYONE with triplets, had never even seen any until i got pg with them, and then they were coming out of the woodwork.)

    people are just excited for you. and i hate to say it, but you're just going to have to learn to deal with it. i really don't mean that to sound harsh, but this is your life now. 

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  • My h doesnt like taking our kids out. When our twins were a week old we went for a walk around our small little town. We had the twins in one stroller and our son in the other. We walked 10 feet from our property and some random lady stopped us in her car and asked us if they were all ours. After that my h didnt want to take all 3 kids anywhere, he thought we were circus freaks or something.

    The coments and stares only get better, especially when you take them out all by yourself.

  • Nope, it never ends...sorry.
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  • I hear ya!  Well, I mean I enjoy coming here and talking about it, but in my everyday life, its annoying.  I live in a small town and my DH's family is very well known (they know everyone and everyone knows them).  Our news spread like wildfire and people I don't even know are saying "Oooh, here she comes, speak of the devil!"  Seriously?  I feel like people are talking behind my back.  My DH became paralyzed 15 years ago, so he is no stranger to this kind of attention but I am.  Like someone else said, I knew NO triplets before this happened...I mean there is one family that I would see at a restaurant with theirs and I was always in awe but I don't know them.  Now I hear that there are 5 families in my small town with trips. 

    I can't tell you how many people and told me to join this group or that group, or to do this or do that.  I'm a really private person, I love my space and I can't handle all this attention.  My mom and I aren't super close, but she is the only person I think I want to stay with me because she won't spread every little detail of our lives all over town. 

    A cashier at the grocery store who I like saw me yesterday and said "oooh!  I've been wanting to see you, how are you?"  We chatted and Nosy McNoserson behind me needed to know whats up.  The cashier told her my news and she said "What a frickin NIGHTMARE!"  Thanks lady.  I told her "You get the cards that are dealt to you and you make the best of it."  Hope nothing stressful ever happens to her...I know she can't handle it.

    Anyway, that was my vent.  You are so not alone :)

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  • It will never end... we are lucky in that we have never had anyone try to touch our boys when we have been out but people definitely make comments and will make them as we walk by.

    Its even better if you are out by yourself... when I take the boys out people are always making comments... most of them encouraging.


    You either have to grin and bear it ... or become a hermit. 

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  • I feel the same way.  We have only told our families and 2 very close friends as it is still very early (I am 6.5 weeks).

    Every email I get has something triplet related, every phone call they bring it up.  I am already struggling with putting on the happy face and acting excited since everyone thinks this is "so neat and fun" and don't seem to care about the added risks at all.

    Hopefully it gets better......


  • It's funny that you said "circus freaks" bc that is how I describe ppl looking/talking/reacting to my family too.  Some days I am the mood for the comments and stares and some days I am not.  You should see the looks I get when I take all 4 kids out.......  it's usually only to the doc and even there people look at me and feel sorry for me.  And seriously..... I just want to scream at them " I don't need your pity! I am fine and my children are blessings not burdens!!" 

    My mother is the worst of it.  I asked her to come with me to take all the kids to see Santa.  She LOVED the attention and would actually be the first one to start up the convo to strangers.  It's always "I had 1 child and she gave me 4 grandkids and look, TWINS TOO!"  I have never been the kinda girl that liked being the center of attention so I get really embarassed when she does this kinda thing.  She wants to tell everyone and anyone that will listen about my kids and even though I know it is all out of excitement and love, it still annoys the he!! outta me.  

  • Trust me hun it doesn't get better, My 5 year old identical twin boys still get the OH MY GOD are they twins? question all the freaking time, I've taking to telling people that No, I had one and my husband had the other. You should see the looks, I mean come on they look alike people, of course they are twins, and WHAT is with everyone saying you have your hands full? My kids were so easy, it was kind of freaky. I mean much easier then say if I had one baby then had another one right after that. Atleast they were used to having to share mommy's time between them. Trust me after people coming up to touch me, random strangers mind you, and 5 years later and its still not better. I'm just as annoyed as you are. So rant all you want it makes you feel better.
  • image PianoPlayingSarah:
    Read my latest blog post.  I doesn't get any better.  We bring the girls out in public and hear comments such as "Oh look, they are wearing matching jackets and hats." to "Wow, triplets?  It's good to see you out."

    Oh my goodness - your girls are GORGEOUS!

  • Yeah ... it gets old.

    I'm sure I don't get it nearly as bad because I only have twins, and they're (very ;)) fraternal so I think as they get a little older people will start assuming they're singleton siblings. Fortunately I lived in Asia for 5 years as a Caucasian so I'm already used to being a circus freak. ;)

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