3rd Trimester

speaking of perineal massage...

WTH is it? i have kind of read about it but maybe i need someone to describe it to me ha ha (i know, i'm a tard!)

It seems odd but I have read a lot about it working so idk...



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Re: speaking of perineal massage...

  • It's massaging the muscles at the bottom of the vag opening where the perineum is to help stretch the muscles and get you used to the feeling.  It's normally suggested that the DH does it with some oil on his fingers, insert slightly, push down, and hold.  Then repeat for a certain number of reps.

     I got a whole sheet on it, but we haven't done it.

  • It's also to reduce tearing by increasing elasticity
  • My doctors said it works temporarily so after you do it, the area gets elastic/ soft but then in a few minutes it goes back to "hard"... So basically when the baby starts crowning the doctors will do it at that time and it will be more effective in preventing tears than anything you could do a home.
  • Actually, I have read the research study on this and it disagrees with Luvabug's doctor.  Doing this regularly in the weeks prior to birth decreases the likelihood of tearing at birth.  And many midwives don't like the idea of doing perineal massage at the time of birth because it can make the tissue swell, making it more likely that you are uncomfortable and will tear.  There is more research, too, that if the care provider lubes you up you're less likely to tear!  (Seems so easy and obvious- why wouldn't this always be done?)

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