3rd Trimester

Irrational Fears...Anyone else?

I keep having the WORST ideas in my head about things that could happen to DH...I mean terrible, terrible things. Why is this happening? He's fine. Is this normal? I'm so panicky...

Re: Irrational Fears...Anyone else?

  • OMG - I have been having the same thing.  Probably since I was about 15 weeks along.  My DH travels for work and every time he would leave for a trip I would freak out thinking the plane was going to go down.  One day he was in meetings all day and I sent him a couple of emails and he didn't have time to respond.  By the time he finally called me to say he was on his way home I was hysterical thinking that someone had locked down the building and started shooting everyine inside.  I don't know why I am having all of these thoughts but am glad to know I am not the only one. 
  • I get worried too. Maybe it's because we are starting a family and I could'nt imagine doing it without him.
  • I haven't been too bad until a co-worker kept mentioning I need a will in case something happens to me while delivering.  Indifferent  That freaked me out!  Other than that, I worry that she will come out and be a he and the biggest concern I have right now is that the weather will be horrible and we'll have trouble getting to the hospital.  Good thing it is only 10 minutes away!
  • oh!  i started going there today in the car and i had to stop myself (i got pretty far into the thought process though)...must be a natural thing to do when you have such a big life change coming.  then i flipped it and started thinking about if something happened to me.  i don't like those thoughts...
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  • OMG me too and I hate it! My SO travels a lot so I worry so much when he's flying too, and if he doesn't answer his phone once I will automatically think the worse! Ugh, what's wrong with me?!
  • I just told my sister that this was happening to me....and she said that it gets worse after the baby is born....uuuugghhhh.....
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  • I'm having the same thoughts - for absolutely no reason. I just get a bit panicky and I have to talk myself down each time.
  • Me, too. I've been so morbid lately. Not just with DH but with me, LO.  It's awful.  I have to actually tell myself to stop being so negative.

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  • I excel at worrying. About everything. All the time. And it's only gotten worse since I got pregnant :P
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