3rd Trimester

do you think about what LO will look like? i mean literally...

not like: dark hair, etc...babies all look so different from each other and i have thought from time to time 'i wonder what he'll really look like'.  but the closer i get, i keep thinking about it more and more and it's the thing i think i'm most curious about.  i just can't wait to see his little face. i really wonder what it will look like...there's no picturing it really.

also, do you feel like your LO has a personality already?  not in the sense that we know it, but just by the kicks and movements and what you've seen on u/s?  a little bit of quirks already? maybe that one is projected from me...not sure.

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Re: do you think about what LO will look like? i mean literally...

  • First thing I'm gonna look at is his ears.  Mine are attached and DH's isn't.  Big Smile
  • I have a feeling this baby will look like her dad and be stubborn like me.

    She does not cooperate at any u/s appointment I have.

  • I think Maddie has her own personality already. I think she's going to be one heck of a little girl! She responds quite a bit to my DH talking to her, so I think that she'll be close with her daddy. But I also think she'll be close with me because we have our special moments where I'll talk to her about different things and she kicks.

    I do wonder what she'll look like. I hope she has my nose and ears, but she could go with either mine or my H's eye color. We're both blue eyed people, but his are lighter than mine.

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  • Mine either on the u/s appt. and she sleeps with her hand over her face :) she has lots of hair no surprise. My DH looked like a really over weight Asian person when he was born and he is German Irish. Lol I hope she looks like me or is a good mix when she is born haha
  • DH and I were just talking about this on the phone a few minutes ago.  I told him I hope DS looks mostly like him, but with just little hints of me.  It is so cool (and weird) to think about a baby with both of our features... 

    As far as personality is concerned, if the u/s's we have had are any indication, he is going to be quite the show-off and a total handful!  He is usually super active for alot of the day so I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this little guy!

  • I wonder this a LOT lately.  All I can picture her with is her daddy's dark hair!  I think she's already got a personality...and it is STUBBORN and feisty!  I think she'll look more like DH, but act just like me, which will = trouble!!!!  Wink
  • I think about this constantly. I wanted to get a 4d ultrasound to see what he would look like but now I want it to be a surprise! 
  • yep i keep wondering if this one will have dark hair or turn out a blondie like it's big sister.  when our daughter was born it was like looking at myself as an infant (our day old photos are almost identical just a 32.5 year difference).  it was eerie.   anxious to see if baby looks like her or more like my hubby or more like me.  

    and yes personality wise this baby already seems calmer than child #1 based on movements.  however beginning to show a similar stubborn "i'll do it on my own timeline" personality!  oh joy :)

  • We both wondered, but I knew M was going to look just like SO and I was right, he does. One thing we were both expecting though is a birth mark on his butt. We both have a small birth mark on the right cheek(tmi?!) and we were hoping he would have one too, but he doesnt.
  • I've started thinking about this all the time now - not just what LO will look like, but what kind of personality, likes, dislikes, talents he/she'll have - I'm so excited about adding a whole new person to my already quirky family!
  • I definitely think about what she's going to look like...I can't wait to see and study all her little features!

    As for personality, she's definitely my husband's daughter...Every night, he lays in bed and swishes his butt back and forth to "soothe" himself to sleep. No lie, I'll feel our girl's little bum moving back and forth for about five minutes straight and then no movement for a half hour or so, like she's taking a nap!

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