3rd Trimester

They Arrived... 1+1=5

This will be short- but I wanted to let everyone know.

I went into labor with my water breaking at 11:05 pm yesterday. Rushed to a C-section at 11:30 ish and little miss Adelie was the first to arrive at 11:55pm; Our team green baby ended up being a Girl!!! She arrived at 12:03am and we named her Kylie; and our little boy arrived at 12:08am - his name is Bradly. 2 days of birthdays!

 We will post pictures and weights in a few - we are just excited to let everyone know.

Adelie is on a venilator feeding tube and IV- so please t&p the other two are doing ok.. they are on IV's and O2.

Here is to Mommy Hood!!!!!!! x3!!!

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