3rd Trimester

What are you doing to make things easier for yourself once LO is here?

Are you freezing meals or having family members stay with you to cook? Hiring someone to clean? Hiring some daytime help for your other LO? Organizing your house now so it's super organized when LO comes? Planning on using paper plates for eating? Etc?

Re: What are you doing to make things easier for yourself once LO is here?

  • I'm organizing now so it's super organized when LO comes.  Doing everything I can to be ready for LO.

    Aside from that, I'm not doing much.  I will have family come into town but they will not be staying with us.

    I was going to freeze meals, ahead of time but then realized that DH will be home with me - he'll be off for two months paternity leave, so he can cook.

    I might have a housekeeper come in to do a deep cleaning a couple times a month for the first month but undecided as of yet. 

  • Freezing meals & taking advantage of meals offered from a moms' group, organizing now, decluttering & reducing, not buying stuff we aren't sure we need, hiring someone to do some things around the house (although DH is completely finishing the basement himself).  I also got approved for my longer maternity leave today and decided I may actually send LO to daycare 1 week early for short days so I can have a little time to do things like go to the dentist, take care of myself. 
  • Things are so up in the air right now for me- my husband graduates from college the week after my baby comes so it will probably depend on if he gets a new job soon after or keeps working where he is at. I do know I will probably freeze a few meals but not a lot because I can't think of many we would eat and if we end up moving soon after (a big possibility) I wouldn't know what to do with them. My church is really good at having people bring meals over after someone has a baby, so I'm sure we will be getting quite a few of those. My mom and my sister will be here for some time after (a week for my mom, idk for my sister) and I plan on enlisting their help with cleaning and such. My house isn't organized but I'm thinking of going though and getting some things ready in case we do move soon after the baby is born.

    Paper plates is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that but I think I am going to stock up and save on the dishes mess. I'm sorry I'm not much help because I really have no idea what my life will be like after the baby is born. It'll all depend on where my husband works after graduation. 

  • I would love to have some freezer meals, but I don't trust our freezer.  It has been known to give everything freezer burn even when it is set at lower settings.  I think I will probably make more crock pot meals after LO is here.  Luckily we moved not to long ago and were able to really organize the new apartment so that isn't something we have to worry about.  We will also probably have DH's family coming by frequently to help out since they live not very far away. 
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  • I have about 2 weeks worth of dinners in the freezer, plus a loaf of pumpkin bread and a bunch of scones.  Haven't done too much past that :-/
  • This month is the month of cleanliness...and I will definately start self induced nesting ASAP!!! As soon as 90210 is over...lol
  • I'm organizing now totally gutting my house getting rid of any sort of clutter and junk. Hoping to have my whole house spotless by Feb 1st so I can relax and enjoy my last month of pregnancy. I plan on eventually getting around to freezing meals as well. I said I was going to do that when PG with my DD but never got around to doing it. I plan to atleast have a week worth of meals in the freezer but worse case scenerio DH will be able to cook and what not he get's 6 weeks off.
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  • I have about 2 weeks worth of food in the freezer so far.  I've been cooking/baking a lot lately!  I'm also organizing and cleaning out drawers/closets/etc.  My parents will be here the first week after I give birth, then MIL is coming the second week, my sister is coming after that, and then my friend will come at the end of the month, so we will have help for the first month.
  • RIght now, not a whole lot because I have been exhausted lately. Hopefully that nesting thing kicks in soon! I would like to have a few meals frozen and do some more organizing. My mom will be taking a week of vacation after DH goes back to work and will be here (she lives close anyways) during the day to help me and will probably make dinners that week.
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  • house is clean, baby things are organized, we use paper plates and cups a lot--saves on dishes etc.  we have stocked up on groceries (chicken breasts, hamburger, pasta etc) for quicker meals.
  • Getting house super organized early so that I don't have to think about it once baby arrives.  Will have a few frozen meals and lots of groceries in the house. DH is off for 4 wks but I'm assuming he'll be tired too.

    But the number ONE thing I'm doing is asking for and accepting help. I've jokingly told my family not to visit unless they are bringing a meal.  I've always stepped up and helped my sister (she has four boys) so when she asks what she can do I will be sure to say, clean the floor, fridge, make me some soup or whatever!

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  • Son #1 will continue to go to daycare when son #2 arrives.That will be a huge help.

    My house is really clean right now and I am trying to keep up with it so I don't come home to a mess.

  • I'm supposed to be staying with my parents for the first 40 days at least so I can be pampered and fed and everything. Unfortunately, this would probably drive me bananas and I would miss my hubby like crazy if he chose not to stay with me. I guess I'll stay 15 days with the parents and then move back to my place (of course, this may completely change if my sister decides to visit and stay with my parents at the same time). In either case, I will be expected to mostly concentrate on baby and feedings only for the first 6 weeks and the household is already organised so that if I have to be gone, things would stay on track (I hope).
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