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MIL vent :(

I never EVER thought I would be writing one of these. i love my MIL and she is totally awsome. DH may be her "baby boy" but she also knows he is a grown man. When we went over for christmas he was teasing me (in a totally loving way) and referd to me as an "airhead". she popped him on the back of the head and toled him to lay off because he could be b!tchier than a teenage girl with PMS. And she makes the best cheescake ever...EVER!

But here is the problem. ever since I got preg. when ever we go over to vist She always gives me a hug and then says "oh gracie...your face...it's so chubby looking now...your retaing so much water!"


I know I know this is NOTHING to be upset by but for some reason it is bothering me.

i'm not going to say anything because I know she means well and I love her but I wish it didn't irk me as much as it does.

please feel free to flame the "pity me" feelings out of me! lol


Re: MIL vent :(

  • Be glad she isnt calling your baby her baby and pawing all over your belly without asking and constantly hugging and kissing on your DH just so he cant do that to you...you are lucky...
  • Honestly, the things that come out of people's mouths are ridiculous!  I saw my step mother over Christmas for the first time since showing, and she said "you look like a big round Christmas tree ornament!"  My father also greeted me at the airport with "Hey fatty."  (I'm on target for weight gain, p.s, between 15 and 20 pounds at this point.)  I'm sure she doesn't mean offense, she's probably just being a concerned parent.  Sorry, though.  That is really annoying!
  • i think it's totally normal to feel that those comments are NOT necessary; on xmas, my mom told my uncle over the phone that i was chubby and cranky. not exactly what i wanted her to say.

    just try to focus on the good things, like the cheesecake!!

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  • I know I am pretty lucky...thanks ladies!


  • I have the lovelies cutest little MIL. Imagine this - she's 5'1" and maybe 85 lbs, white hair, crippled with arthritis and always willing to do anything for me.  Just last week I was seriously annoyed because she has this thing about food (she eats next to nothing due to medical problems) and when I had another piece of something in the chocolate fondue she HAD to comment.  It irritates the cr*p out of me.  Yes, I know I'm pg but you don't need to keep track of what I'm eating thanks very much. So yes, they can be great and annoying all at the same time.  If she comments on my size she will given the look of death and told that it is the kind of thing pg women appreciate!
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  • omg I would be pissed if my MIL said that to me every time I went over... but like someone else said... at least she doesn't call your baby her baby.. I wanna scream every time my MIL says that to me... also whenever we have dinner w/ my husbands parents my MIL always says "oh I feel like I look like you right now" uughhh MIL's
  • I think it's the every single time that is annoying. My mom thinks it is ok to go on and on about how I haven't put on that much weight (and yes, the baby is FINE) and liken my pregnancy to hers with my brother - and tell this to whoever may be around. Every.single.time. I am ready to put on 20 lbs just to shut her up.
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