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32 weeks and breech...still time?

Should I be worried or not?  The baby is not head down.  I'm freaking out, mostly because a C-section means extra nights in the hospital, and my damn hospital isn't permitting my DD to visit AT ALL due to h1n1 concerns.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Is there still a reasonable amount of time for the baby to get head down?

Re: 32 weeks and breech...still time?

  • There is still time. I was concerned about possibly having a breech baby but my OB said i had until 37 or 38 weeks for baby to flip.

    ETA: and at my 36 week ultrasound he had flipped!

  • Yes my Dr office doesn't even start checking until 36 weeks. By then baby is normally in position or not but even then they can still move right up to the last minute. My DS went head down around 35 weeks.
  • There's still time.  Mine didn't decide to turn until 34 weeks
  • I didn't find out until an u/s at 34 weeks that my LO is transverse breech. It's completely possible with fully breech babies to flip right up until the end. With transverse breech, especially those who have their end on the right side and back facing down, chances are much slimmer. It's a positioning thing based on how the placenta attached, so if they do turn it's not into a favorable position and will flip right back. So, as long as your LO is fully breech, I'd say not to stress yet.
  • There is DEFINITELY time!  But in your shoes, I'd be seeing a chiropractor just in case.  Look for one certified in the Webster technique.
  • Baby can turn at any point up until delivery. My OB said that usually after 36 weeks it gets harder for it though due to lack of room. With DD#2 I had a successful and completely painless external version to rotate the baby so I could have a vag delivery. I wanted to avoid a c-section at all costs (esp with a toddler already at home). If this one turns breech I will do the same thing again. OB says versions are easier fro second + time moms due to their uterus' being more stretched out.
  • Absolutely.  Having a baby breech at birth is actually quite uncommon.

  • Yes you have time, but also options.  I wanted to avoid a C Section too b/c I have 2 kids at home and I had a successful Version yesterday at 37w1d. So far he's still head down. My Dr. didn't care if he was breech until 36 weeks. Good luck. 
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