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Baby Sprinkles...whats tacky?

My friend has offered to throw me a baby sprinkle, which I'm excited about. However is it acceptable to register for these things? I have heard it is, but only for teh stuff you need....I don't really need much of anything as this is #2 and we're reusing pretty much EVERYTHING accept nursery furniture/decor and a few other big ticket items ( double stroller) which we're obviously buying. I could really use diapers/wipes/formula "donations" and random little stuff ( few new bottles,bath soaps, few baby oufits new bouncy seat as DD#1's got trashed...). Is it ok to only ask for those things or is it tacky to ask for diapers/wipes/formula? Would my guests look at me sideways? 

Re: Baby Sprinkles...whats tacky?

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