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Breast Pump opinion needed

I need some input on breast pumps.  I registered for the Medela Freestyle Hands-free breast pump and wondering if I really need it.  I will be a SAHM after LO is born until the end of the year and thinking that I can probably get away with a more simple breast pump and not something as high tech as the one I registered for.   I want to pump because I want DH to feed and bond with LO.  For those of you that have pumped and are SAHM, what are your thoughts?    

Re: Breast Pump opinion needed

  • call your insurance company first.  I just found out mine will be covered no matter what I just need to order from a supplier and have it billed.  I know this is not what you asked but it may influnance your decision
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  • What I have been told is that even if you are a SAHM, it will be nice to be able to pump so that if you need someone to watch the baby for you or if you are just absolutely exhausted and need to sleep, someone else can feed the baby for you.

    I plan on staying at home and also plan to buy a breast pump.  That said, I'll be waiting until after the baby arrives to purchase a breast pump so that I can make sure my milk comes in, etc. 

  • I'm a SAHM with DD and will continue to do so for a while after DS is born...I breastfed DD exclusively, she never would take a bottle (formula or breastmilk), but I do think you can get away with a "simpler" pump if you want to save some money.  I have the Lansinoh Double Electric, highly recommended by some other mom friends and a LC.  It's a lot cheaper than a Medela!
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  • I am waiting on buying mine.  I will be going back to work, but not for 5 months after LO is born so I feel I have time.  Plus I want to make sure I can successfully breast feed before I start pumping.
  • If you go on the medela web site they have a chart or quiz that you can find what and how much you will use the pump and it suggests the correct pump for you.  If you don't want a medela, you can search for another pump with similar features.
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  • I got the Freestyle. I figured I should just go for it b/c I will use it for other kids and my SIL has it and swears by it. I could probably do fine with something cheaper and not as fancy, but the only other one I'd get was just $50 cheaper. Plus I had a lot of credit at BRU, so I used that to pay for it.
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    call your insurance company first.  I just found out mine will be covered no matter what I just need to order from a supplier and have it billed.  I know this is not what you asked but it may influnance your decision

    This was also same with me.  My insurance paid for 90% of it, so I only ended up paying $20 for the Medela Pump in Style.

  • While I'm not a SAHM, I did pump with my son so that DH could also give bottles and give me a chance to rest at night.  I had the Medela Freestyle and I loved it.  I could easily pump two bottles worth in about 12 minutes.  Can you check to see if you can rent one from your hospital?  Oftentimes they have the electric double pumps and they just charge a monthly fee.  Depending on how long you pump, it could make it worth it financially.
  • I had a medela and didnt like it. I am trying the Playtex Nursing Necessities pump. It doesnt have great reviews, but its "to each their own" kinda thing...many people love the medela, but My aunt is a nurse in the intensive care unit at our local childrens hospital and also a league leche coach, and she has 6 daughters, and some like the medela, and some dont. So you just have to try and see what works, although I know it can be expensive. The Playtex one is 80 plus 12.99 protection plan at Babies R Us, incase anything on it breaks....I cant wait to try it out.

  • I bought a Medela pump in style with the first one and then a few of the cheaper ones while on business trips (forgot a few accessories, long story).  I got so frustrated with the cheaper ones because they just don't pump like the Medelas.  It took 2-3x longer to get anything out.  I personally would go for the Freestyle but I'm not a SAHM.  I needed something reliable and quick to take to work. 

  • I was going to get a Medela PISA, but will be going back to work after 3 months and also travel a lot for work--so I upgraded to the Freestyle because it's so compact/portable and hands-free.  If I were going to be SAHM, I would probably have gone with the PISA or one of the other slightly less expensive ones, I'm not sure you'd get the extra benefit of going with the Freestyle. 
  • I had the Medela Swing (it's a single) w/DD (I am a SAHM) and it worked out fine.  I didn't have to have a double cuz I had the time to pump;  www.breast-pumps.com usually have a great price on the Swing and free shipping too.
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  • I loved my evenflow electric one I bought at target for under $40, you can either plug it in or it takes batteries (convenient for car travel ;-)  I've pumped in the car on way to IL's house 1.5 hr drive. 
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  • I SAH for a year with Ben and was regretful that I bought a single pump (Swing) instead of a double. Now for #2 I bought the Ameda double pump.  It is worth the $ to build up a freezer supply, to be able to easily pump a bottle's worth for DH to do at night once in a while, and to spend on a pump you'll use again for future kids!  I knew I would BF for at least a year again (20 mo with #1!) so it's worth it to me.  If you're committed to BF you will be glad you got a double pump- but I have heard the Ameda/Lansinoh pump is just as good as the Medela but cheaper.
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