1st Trimester

Its official I'm a toilet hugger, in need of advice.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my prenatal pill makes me throw up every other day, i stopped taking it because since my first prenatal visit i've lost 11 pounds total. I feel horrible because I have stopped taking my prenatal and I feel like I'm being a bad mom already. I picked up different prenatal vitamins to see if its the brand. I'm just sick of the throwing up and diahrrea, any advice or words of encouragement?

Re: Its official I'm a toilet hugger, in need of advice.

  • I'm sorry! I was very sick on another brand of vitamins, and once I switched I was a lot better. I also take it at night right before bed. If you still can't take them, maybe you could talk to your doc and they could recommend a liquid vitamin or other regular vitamin, and you could supplement the folic acid? Feel better! Hugs!
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  • my prenatal vitamins also made me sick with DS. but not like a toilet hugger.. just diarrhea. Dr told me to take the little kid flinstone vitamins twice a day. It was magic! as soon as i did this i stopped getting sick. also try eating with them. not a lot but maybe some crackers. GL
  • also know it is very common to lose weight during the first trimester
  • Try and take them at night right before you go to bed.  That way you sleep off the nausea.  I had really really bad morning sickness and could not take them in the morning....or I would throw them up.  Just another idea.  might help.
  • I had the same thing. My prenatal Vitamins made me sick all day. Couldn't eat a thing or really sleep because I felt so sick. I stopped taking them too. I haven't gotten any others yet. Since i've gone off them i feel so much better. Still a little m/s in the morning. Hope you feel better!
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  • My doctor prescribed me a folic acid supplement (which I've been able to keep down w/o trouble) and told me to take flinstones vitamins. I got the flinstones gummies which have been easier to keep down than the flinstones chewables. Hope this helps - feel better!
  • My midwife told me and I have read books that have said that your body will give the necessary vitamins that you ingest to your baby first, then fill your own personal dietary needs.  She said to worry about taking care of yourself and feeling well and the baby is almost always fine.  She told me if I need to just eat bagels, mashed potatoes, and soda, I;m fine. If I can't keep down the vitamins evey time, it's ok.  I'm trying to take the worry free approach and believe what she said.  :)
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  • I take my vitamins at night right before bed.  If it has been a while since dinner, I also have a small glass of milk.  Luckily, I am not throwing up often, but I do feel queasy for most of the day.  Try snacks every couple hours.  String cheese and crackers or peanut butter on a graham cracker seems to help me.
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