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Reflux babies

Okay so my baby spits up (some times I would say projectile vomits) about 2-5 times after each feeding. He is breastfed and I burp him when I change sides. 

Anyone who was diagnosed with reflux... what symptoms did your baby have? Does this sound like reflux? I don't think this is normal. 

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Re: Reflux babies

  • My little one does the same. I asked the pedi. about it and she said that it's totally normal and that all babies have a little bit of reflux due to an immature value that keeps everything in their bellies. She said by 4 months, it's usually mature enough to stop spitting up so much.

    Until then,  I burp a few times, keep him still after a feeding, elevate his bed a little bit and put bibs on him!

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  • Ditto PP. My pedi said it's nothing to worry about.
  • i ebf, and we have the same spitting issue.  i don't think that many times is normal to spit up after a feeding.  we also have waves when lo does a lot of back arching with ugly faces and tongue movement (like stuff is coming up and burning his throat).  he had some AWFUL days and nights of crying and spitting.  he is gaining great, and is on baby zantac for now-- he is not that much more comfortable yet, but maybe soon.  the doc is sending him for an upper gi tract x-ray to be sure it is reflux and not something else.  not looking forward to giving lo barium in a bottle-- he already HATES bottles.  i am chronicling lo's reflux issues in my blog (in sig), all tagged with reflux.
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  • I think I read the other day that anywhere from 1-2 tablespoons of spit up is normal but more than that could be reflux.
  • Baby was just diagnosed yesterday and he wasn't spitting up that bad.  He did have milk that came out of his nose and lots of gas and hoarse voice. We found out that reflux was contributing to colic and pediatrician started us on Zantac yesterday morning.  No colic crying last night or tonight.  Your symptoms sound like reflux.
  • That sounds just like my LO. She has had SUCH a hard time with reflux. She's been slow gaining weight because of it too. Her ped finally put her on Zantac, it seems to help with the pain, but not so much on the spitting up. I can't wait until this is over! I hate seeing her go through this.
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