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bru registry...

dh n i went to BRU to register today and we were totally unprepared... we were overwhelmed with all the selections and brand names they had that we didnt know where and what to register for.. sigh.. we should have been a bit more prepared...

 when getting home, my sil texts me and asks me if we were having twins because apparently everything was doubled on our registry - sigh... so i had to fix it and was able to for most of it except for a few as the website wouldnt let me...

 i was also disappointed that the website didnt have the pics of the things we registered for... and most of them didnt have online prices?? is this typical? 

a bit overwhelmed today... this is somewhat scary and i do hope i am ready for a baby!  


Re: bru registry...

  • Wait 24 hours and the prices and such will show up. Happens to everybody
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  • I was SO overwhelmed when we started our registry that we put about five items on it and left.

    When I got home I spent some time looking at websites, talking to friends, etc. and figuring out what items I wanted.  I went back occasionally to check out some things and took a couple of weeks to complete my registry.

    I did a lot of it online- just be aware when adding things in case you are adding "online only" items. I knew most of our friends/family would not shop online so I only added things that were available in-store.

    As long as you are finished before your shower invites go out, you're fine! Give yourself plenty of time to do it slowly and not overwhelm yourself.

  • Firstly, the book Baby Bargains may be of some assistance to you when sifting through brand names etc.  They rate all the different baby gear and weigh pros/cons on lots of items.

    Secondly, now that you're at home wait a day or so and then look at your registry online-- for the items that are not coming up right, do searches for the names of the items that are on your registry.. sometimes for whatever reason (maybe a product's sku number/ code has changed) you can find the item online with photo and price... then you can add that item and delete the one that doesn't have the info.   I've had items go on and off of being available online as well from my list (which I made around 19 weeks)... so don't panic  :)    Re-adding items online can be tedious but if you know people will be shopping online I'm sure it'll be helpful to them.

  • I have had such bad experiences with BRU!!  My friends and family had a terrible time with the registry!  DH and I ordered our crib, dresser/changer and glider from BRU Dec 09, they said it should take 7-14 days, well I called today (week 3) and they said, "Oh its been sitting in our warehouse since the 16th."  WTF!?  Anyhow, hope you have better experiences! Venting sorry :)

  • And FWIW, not everyone has a bad experience with BRU. I never had my registry duplicate, be unavailable, problems with pictures, prices, etc.
  • I agree with pp who suggested Baby Bargains.  It helped me out so much in sorting through everything.  I also did some research online to compare products.  I get totally overwhelmed in BRU, so I wanted to be prepared.  By the time we went in to register, I knew exactly what I wanted so it was just a matter of finding the item to scan.  There were a few things DH wanted input on(stroller, carseat), but other than that, it was very quick and easy. 
  • Amen sister!  We had the same overwhelming sensation the first venture to BRU.  We spun around and left.  What we did (and I'd advise anyone do this) is petition recent new parents for the REAL "must haves" and those that were not so must-havey.  What we wound up with was a list of the things to focus on, plus great recommendations and warnings.  That helped us immensely!

    Then, we did what other responders did - we used the website to add most items online, then went to BRU one morning and finished off things that we wanted to look at first.  It made the whole process relatively painless and stress free.


  • I love that BRU online has consumer ratings on all products, I thought this was a great help! Also, if you have a BBB near you, the store is excellent for picking out strollers and car seats. The workers are very helpful. And you can try out the merchandise. I was able to wheel the stroller around and fold it up right there in the store. At the BRU near me you can't take the strollers of the display case. 


  • thanks everybody for making me feel better.. ill def consider getting baby bargains book
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