3rd Trimester

DH wants, DH gets! :)

Today was a wonderful day with dh! I am so in love with him. We went all day shopping, creating registries, and getting his car fixed. He took me to buy a wii and wii fit package. Then he went with me to Hobby Lobby and picked out a scrapbook and a $100 worth of scrapbooking pages and stickers for our LO. While setting up the wii he remembers a previous post on the bump that I read him. It was about a couple who got the wii and the man got sexy time for his reward. So, Dh says "oh yeah what did that man get for setting up the wii for his wife...?" I guess the end to a wonderful day will be what DH wants DH gets. :) It is great to have a good day and I love that our LO has brought us so much closer. 
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Re: DH wants, DH gets! :)

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