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Skin Irritations...

I am having such issues with my skin.  My face is better than ever!  I usually suffer from bad acne but have not had a single pimple since I started my second trimester.  As for the rest of my body it's different.  I have fungus growing on one of my toe nails (EW!) and have cracked and itchy skin between my toes on the same foot.  I itch it so much it bleeds. 

Also last week I a stared itching between my legs and now have really bad burning where the elastic of my underwear lies.  

I don't know what to do. I really do not want to use any over the counter medicated creams.  I feel so gross and dirty.  Did not expect this with my pregnancy.

Re: Skin Irritations...

  • Ummm if it is fungus, try taking a bubble bath in head n shoulders.  Yes it smells horrible but that is that the dr. recommended for a family member to help with the itching.  The reactor agent in the shampoo actual killed the fungus.
  • I'm having a lot of irritation by the end of the day on my thighs. They get red and blotchy and uncomfortable. I usually tend to have chafing issues in the summer with my thighs, so I've been using either cream for that, or baby powder. It's especially bad if I get hot and sweaty or wet (like from a long shower or bath, and especially after shaving).  I can't remember what the cream is called, but it's OTC.  The baby powder may have even helped more than the cream, so try that? HTH!

  • You may have a yeast infection in which case you will need to use a topical cream to get rid of it. 

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  • I just went to the dr. (regular dr., my OB wouldn't treat this) who thought my itchy hands and feet were a fungus. He said it wouldn't go away on its own and gave me a cream to use, which is good because all my self-treatments (benadryl, baths, lotions) weren't working. So far I don't see much of a difference with the cream, but I hope to. Good luck--I, too, feel less than glamorous and did not expect this symptom at all!
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