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***May Momma's Monday Check-In***

Hi ladies!!! Hope you had a GREAT weekend-here's to another short work week! :)


QOTD: How was your Christmas/Holiday?  What are your plans for New Years Eve? 


we all learn what "Team" we're on, please include your EDD! Thanks so much! 


Here is our check-in for everyone with a due date in May 2010. If you would like to be added please post your bump name, real name (optional), age (optional), and your EDD (expected delivery date). If we missed you at the last check in please post again.

If anything has changed, like your EDD after an ultrasound, please post an update with your original EDD so you can be easily found on the list.

If you are listed in the due date unknown list, please update your due date for us so that you can be added to the correct date.

Check-ins will be Mon, Weds, and Fri mornings.  A link to the Check-in will be posted in the late afternoon/early evenings of Check-in day as a reminder.  Feel free to check-in any time that day.  Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you would like to add.  We will have a question of the day as well. 



3littleladies, (Amy), 32 TEAM PINK

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Ali-blnovos, (Alina), 27 TEAM BLUE

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21 TEAM BLUE

Bets12, (Betsy), 27 TEAM BLUE


Court1, 27


elfsgirl08, (Erin), 29 TEAM PINK

evitawylie TEAM GREEN

JordanS803 (Jordan) 23, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Kimberly_I (Kimberly) 30

Laurmar21 (Lauren) 24 (BOY) TEAM GREEN


Mrs.SWilson, 24, (GIRL)

MrsTyler04, TEAM BLUE

Nate&Mel, (Melissa), 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Nicole4312, (Nicole), 27 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

OhioMama2355, 27

RockChalkJhawk (Melissa) 35

spout3    (Stacey)  28


Taraleffel, 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

TiffanyClark, (Tiffany), 23, (GIRL)

Twinpeaks (Mary Ellen) 32



alicebean (Alice)  25 (BOY)

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21

BabyBalogh, (Julia), 19, (GIRL)

Breannek.ot (Breanne) 30

Brewtowngirl 32 TEAM BLUE

CatO,  27

chococherry354 (Ashley)  21

cutie42031 (Laura)

DonsJMUBride , (Jacqi), 27

erinlynn711, (Erin), 31, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Ivyreb, (Allyn), 31

Jason&Erin082507 (Erin) 27 TEAM PINK

Jess_n_mark (Jessica) 25

JewelsZ (Jewels)  27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE


MichahKarlene, (Karlene), 23, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Mjm123, (Melissa), 30, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

naybride04, (Christina), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Summer510,  26

tanisha_05.24.09 (Tanisha),  25 (BOY) TEAM BLUE


Thestewartsrock, (Heather), 27

VTGal, (Kristen), 29, (GIRL)

willsmumma, (Amy), 28, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Waterwings80, 29


MAY 3  

Addie22, 30

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Bbetson (Brooke)  29

Butterbeansmama, (Beth), 33, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Dschpsy, 33 

Dustinblouin, (Katie), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

EllaB_04, (Rachael), 29, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Hotpinkprincess82 (Courtney) 27

Jhroga (Jessica) 27

K&K-070809-, (Kelsey), 26 TEAM BLUE

Kmswan427, Kelli, 32 TEAM BLUE

mom_E224, (Erica), (BOY)

srhoades86 (Sarah) 23

Snoopymom09, (Meredith), 27 (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Snoochie  (Becka)


MAY 4  

Alyssa102 (Alyssa) 26, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Angilene92 (Angilene) 35

Bakedlaurabean, 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bride2Be615, 25, (BOY)

Cajun_Tiger (Stacey) 25

*CBK*, (Carrie), 27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

elmoali   (Allison) 29

jess0726 (Jessica) 29

KellyJoJo (Kelly) 33

maeghan21,  31, TEAM GREEN

Michellejdent (Michelle)  33

Morgan456, 29 (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Mrs.DeHav, (Christina), 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Onehautehostess, (Jennifer), 27 TEAM GREEN

Pennylane2241982, (Jillian), 27 TEAM GREEN

saraandles (Sara)

shannon1110 (Shannon)

sturgeje, (Jessica), 23, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE



3*peas*in*a*pod, 26, (BOY)

Emmajean85 (Emily) 24

Hshingler (Heather)

Indiana_muse, 32 TEAM PINK

kate3636, (Kate), 27, (BOY)

katesmom73,  36, (BOY)

KellyAnne&Chris, (Kelly), 30, (BOY)

konaboomom (Alicia) 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Lauryn216 (Lauren)  27

Misma09, (Marlene), 26 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

MrsPorter, (Karla), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

NewMommy423 (Ashley) 26 TEAM BLUE

RaphSandra2005 (Sandra) 28

Soon2BeMrs.S, 26

Vane_gator, (Vanessa), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK


MAY 6  

Anner804, (Anne), TEAM GREEN

Applebride40 (Sarah) 28

Ashley&Dean (Ashley) 25

ChelseaBell (Chelsea) 26

Header25 (Sarah) 28

J?sLisa, (Lisa), (BOY) TEAM PINK

JustSadie (Sadie) 24, (GIRL)

LynnLee03, (Erin), 29

mistyblue182, (Becky), 25, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Pennynjon, (Penny), 30 TEAM PINK

Pictureprfect143, (Tarin), 24 (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Scott&kim (Kimberly) 36


Smiles122482 (Lauren) 26

Soon2BThelen, 28

srahandeddiejune212008 (Sarah)

Sweetestlove, (Amanda), 30 TEAM BLUE



MAY 7  


2bamom, (Jackie), 29, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Amessec, (Angela), 24, (GIRL) TEAM PINK


BrainySmurfette (Melissa)

Eviebee,  29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Futurefolks, (Rita), 28

FutureMECC (Beth)

Heatherpb1020,  28

JJMD09, 29

katater, 32, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

L?s mommy (Jill), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK  


lilmoe 28

marzinelli17,  27

monstergurl, (Martie), 31, (BOY)

Newmommyin2010, (Stephanie), 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

schnappycat (Laura) 36

Sul06 (Kristin)  26, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

tamhen1979 (Tammie) 30

tattor (Torie)

WildcatPrincess (Courtney) 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Zakuravlm, (Valerie), 28, (BOY)


MAY 8  


Dcunningham,  (Deanna), 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Iraabel, (Allycin), 43 TEAM BLUE

Jenah13 (Jenah) 21

KK2004, 32, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Lmccabe79 (Lauren) 30

Mrs.wink08 (Erica) 24 TEAM BLUE

Mrs.wtm, 31

PMeg819 (Meg) 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

ScarlettATZ (Andrea) 30 TEAM PINK

Teelaman, TEAM PINK

Trmptr18. (Lauren), 25, (BOY)

Veritas1214 (Sarah) 27


MAY 9  

1StepAtATime, 28, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Beansi, 28

Careyrdh, (Carey), 23, (BOY)

Caileyhc, (Cailey), 28, TEAM GREEN

Cmmc23, (BOY)

DCM5980, (Danielle), 29, (GIRL)

Dynomite, (Abbie), 27, (BOY)

Eleventofive, 26

Elliezen (Ellie) 28 (BOY)

Jays_bride, (Heather), 34, TEAM GREEN

Jkclosso (Jen) 30

LestaMarie, (Celeste), 28

Lilfluke, (Courtney), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Mayra2105, (Mayra), 22

Mcpelc (michelle) 30, (BOY)

Megcheer2, (Megan), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

MrsDawn, (Dawn), 32, (GIRL)

Rohansmom (merisa) 32, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Shanbak, (Shannon), 28, (BOY)

Stacieandclint (Stacie) 31

Sunfish22, (Lindy), 26


MAY 10

Akrupin (Ali) 29

Bcuzufu, (Brit), 33, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bkenan (Brittany) 22

Ceeble, 31

Erin&Ryan (Erin)  28 (BOY)

Gennwaver (Genn)

giggles8, 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Hula14 (Chelsea) 26

laurasue (Laura)  31, (BOY)

Lauren9881, (Lauren), 28 TEAM BLUE

LLF7575, 34

Mrsaugie, (Stephanie), (GIRL) TEAM PINK

MrsSoapbox (Bethany) 30

MrsW722 (Melisa) 29

NowDNAtoo (Dena) 39

ntnycurlz (Kate) 30

starfish113 (Melissa) 27


MAY 11

Candicrazee, (Tammi), 31 TEAM PINK

Fishstyx, (GIRL)

Gabbysmama, (Heather), 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Klcl8981 (Kaitlin) 20

Krisb830, 27

Lawyerbride09 (Rachel) 33

Laxbugg1410, (Helen), 29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

LKKJJK10, (Laura), 29 TEAM GREEN

Lokekelo, 32

LuckyH (Heather) 34

Mkoeth (Monica) 29

officerswife31 (Stacey)  24

punkfiction (Amanda)  26 TEAM PINK

saraheg77, (Sarah), 32, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Trigirl30, (Carly), 34, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Tiffer2shoes, (Tiffany), 29, (BOY)



MAY 12               

Ameliaandmatt, (Amelia), 25, (BOY)

Angnowamrs (Angela)

Coshea1, Christena

ChristinaD09, (Christina), 25 TEAM BLUE

Jenn4 (Jennifer) 33

Jmarie17 (Jen) 27 (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Julietbride, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Kbwifey (Brittany) 23

Kjeorange, 30

LC0479 (Lauren) 30

Luckybug22 (Ashley) 25

missdanib (Danielle) 34

Naturegirl417, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Rachelle_paige82, (Rachelle), TEAM GREEN

Scooter19 (Jill) 28

Tfraser07 (Tess) 28

Tinybride08, 27


MAY 13               

A_Seattle, 28

Ashley&Dean, (Ashley), 26

C_Johnson (Christina) 24

Candylies (Amy) 28

Carolrohrsetzer (Caroline) 26

chazlewo, 29,

Csuefazio, (Carla), 32, (GIRL)

Hellomynameisfabulous, (Ashley), 26, TWINS* (GIRL/BOY) TEAM PINK

Julinejb, (Juline), 29, (GIRL)

melodylb (Melody) TEAM PINK

Mrs.Allen08 (Tanya) 25

Msmoon, (Courtney), 30, (GIRL)

Muffie1303, (Amanda), (GIRL)

Niki731, (Nicole), 32, (GIRL)

Raeface, (Rae), 26, (BOY)

Sarah_lily, (Sarah), 25, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Shakespearenluv, 31 TEAM BLUE

SLP mama (Tina) 27

Taureanbuddhist, (Courtney), 31 TEAM BLUE

Thomp07 (Karen) 33

WestiesAreTheBesties, (Jenni), 28, (GIRL)  TEAM PINK

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Re: ***May Momma's Monday Check-In***

  • QOTD: We had a great Christmas, very relaxing. We dont' have plans for NYE...we are such early birds that we probably won't even make it to midnight.

  • my christmas eve was sad... my mom has the flu so we couldn't go there to celebrate.  hopefully she'll be better and we'll spend new year's eve with my parents.
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  • QOTD - We had a very nice Christmas.  "Baby Girl" (as we're now calling her) got lots of great presents.  I am now starting to get excited to get the nursery together!   As for New Years, no real plans.  We will probably go somewhere for dinner and then just lay low at home with a movie or something.  I've never been a big fan of New Years Eve.
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  • Christmas at home was awesome... it got a little scary on the drive to DH's moms house, since it snowed a little here and it took double the time to drive there.  But great time overall.  No New Years plans...probably just stay home and off the roads with all the crazies that will be out.
  • DH and I had a great little Christmas with eachother!  NYE we're going out to eat (DH won't tell me where so i'm excited!) and then probably just come home and see if we can watch the fireworks from our house!
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  • image nicole4312:


    QOTD: How was your Christmas/Holiday?  What are your plans for New Years Eve? 


    Christmas was good...we got a few gifts for Peanut from SIL, BIL and nephews. We may be holding a get together on NYE at our apartment, but it's not set in stone yet...I have no ambition to go anywhere that late, especially if everyone else is drinking :(

  • QOTD: hubby had to work on Christmas, but we got to spend Christmas Eve together...we are flying to see my family on NYE, but should still get there in plenty of time to see the fireworks:)
  • My Christmas was great.  Got to spend time with both sides of the family and got lots of fun stuff.  I'm actually looking forward to staying home with the puppy and kitty on NYE.  Hubby is going out, but I don't mind. 
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  • We had a great Christmas. In-laws came into town on Wednesday. It very low kep. The weather was somewhat fine. It was in the 70's for Christmas with a touch of some rain. LO received a stuffed animal from his auntie. As for NYE, I think that we are going to just have a nice dinner somewhere. I am voting for Bonefish. I am flying out the next morning to see some friends in South FL and DH will be hanging out watching football at the house or maybe going to the bowl game in town.

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  • Due date May 9th we are officially Team Blue! 

    QOTD: Christmas was so special since we found out we are on team blue. we had a great day with friends and family. I am so ready to start the nursery but we are heading to Ft. Lauderdale for a warm new years and our babymoon.  Then it is nursery time when we get back because we havent started yet!  Hope everyone has a great new years eve (if we can stay up that late) .  

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  • Our Christmas was great, but exhausting! 

    I told my parents just to get us baby stuff for Christmas, since we didn't really need anything else, so we got a video monitor and our car seat!  It's soo exciting to start getting baby stuff!! 

    NYE will be pretty uneventful for us this year.  I hate being out on the roads with all the drunk people, and especially won't be doing it this year since I'm pregnant.  

    Hope everyone else had a great Christmas!! 

  • Our Christmas was wonderful! We stayed home all day and made the in-laws come to us. My parents and siblings came in from Hawaii and stayed with us for about a week. We don't have any big plans for New Years, but it will be the first time in several years that DH has had the night off, so I plan to kiss my hubby at midnight. Yay!
  • We had a great Christmas with our families, except for the fact that I came down with a bad cold. I felt well enough by Christmas Eve to still do the family stuff, I just wasn't feeling 100%.

    For NYE, we're going over to our friends' house to play cards and games. The wife is pregnant too and they're inviting our other friends who just had a baby in November. So it will be low-key and I'm happy that there will be others not drinking and we can just hang out and have fun. The husband is a great cook, and she said they were making quite a feast, so I'm excited about that too! 

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  • Please add us to TEAM BLUE!!  We're so excited!! 

    QOTD:  Our weekend was great...full of running around and spending time with family :)  I loved every minute of it, but after church yesterday I completely crashed...I was sooo tired that I felt like I was back in the 1st Tri :)  Actually DH was exhausted too...now we are trying to decide if we are going to spend time with friends who are having a NYE party or decline the invite and have a completely relaxing weekend next weekend.  At the moment my vote is to stay in for NYE.  :)


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  • QOTD: Christmas was good, very relaxing... I have no idea what to do for NYE, I figure there will be a dinner at my parents' and at my MIL and then probably sleeping.

    On other unrelated subject, I noticed that the april check in (being a may 1st momma, I participate in both) has the number of baby girls and baby boys of that month, which I think is very fun. What do you gals think about doing the same here?

    Up until this point, this is what we have:

    Team blue: 60

    Team pink:47

    team green: 40

    There are no blurred lines, only jail time

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    my blog: Inspirationseeker.blogspot.com
  • Now that we have made it past the half way point I feel a little more comfortable joining in.

     Bumpie name: Palan

    Real Name: Pam

    Age: 36

    EDD: 07May2010

    LO: we are having a little boy; Robert Oskar (named for his Dad, Grand Dad and Great Grand Dad)


    QOTD: My DH worked the past week, he was gone from Wed 23rd through Tues 29, so Christmas was low key with my parents. One good thing with the amount of overtime and holiday pay I think we just paid for all of the nursery furniture.

  • We had a great time with family. Little man got his bedding set and a cool turtle that shows stars on the ceiling :)

    For NYE we are going to a friend's house, don't know if we will stay the whole time. I can't stay up past 10 usually and I have to work the next day. We will have to see. ?

    -It looks like the little boys are really rocking the May group!?

  • We had a very nice Christmas this year. We spent a lot of time with family, but not too much.Wink

    Unfortunately, I've been fighting a cold and sinus infection for about a week now, and I'm ready to feel healthy again!

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  • Christmas was long and busy since I hosted both Christmas eve and Christmas day.  The best part was seeing MILs face when she opened the gift from baby that was a cute little dress that screamed girl.  She did not find out until then what we are having it was worht the wait.  As far as New Years Eve nothing planned just stay home and watch movies like we do every year.  Not to mention DH had surgery on his knee 2 weeks ago too so spending a lot of time on his feet he will feel the next day and it has been alot of moving around the last 4 days so we are relaxing then.
  • We had an amazing Christmas - opened up the ultrasound results to find out we're TEAM PINK!!! 

  • Christmas was really nice. Baby Eastin got a few things too. ;-) For New Year's Eve we are going to a poker party with 3 other couples.  I've been practicing so they better watch out! :-D
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  • QOTD: We had a great christmas! We got to spend time with our families, so that's wonderful!

    For new years, we'll probably hang around the house for awhile. Then, we're going to do the countdown/ball drop at First Night in our town :)

    ps...I might post again later today bc we leave for our big u/s in 30min so hopefully I'll know the gender by then! **fingers crossed**

  • Could you please add me to May Momma's 

    nursemegan23; (Megan) 23

    Due May 31st --Team Blue

    I worked Christmas eve and day but the family Christmas the weekend before Christmas was fun. My mom nicknamed our little one moose, lol (she LOVES moose) and he even had a stocking up and received 2 gifts it was fun!  Luckily I'm offnew years eve and day but the bf has to work so I'm just going to relax and probably watch tv and the ball fall then go to bed... I'm pretty boring... :-)

  • We just found out this morning at we are Team Blue!!!  DH is so excited and was grinning from ear to ear when we left.  We are having our families over on New Year's day to share the good news!
  • We had a great xmas this year. Our dd is 3 and she really gets it so it was very magical and exciting for her which really adds to the holiday. For NYE, we got a babysitter and dh and I are going to see Avatar and out for a nice dinner. Can't wait!!
    Child #1: 6 yo DD Child #2: 2yo DD
  • New Years Eve = Wii competition!!

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  • Christmas was nice. The only family in state that I have left is my little brother so he was over Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. For the rest of Christmas we had friends over till late in the evening playing video games, board games and just chatting. It was nice to spend the holidays with my other family. Smile
  • Add me to TEAM PINK!!!!!  Our big u/s was December 23rd =) 

    We had a wonderful Christmas!!!  We're headed to a party on NYE (I'm the DD, of course!) and then on NY day we're going to my parents for dinner. YUM.



    Carter Robert 7.18.08 | Brynn Sophia 5.24.10 | Reid Joseph 9.10.12 | Emerson Mae 1.27.14

  • qotd: We had a good day,my son(5) got spoiled. I got a body pillow and babycloths. On nye we are doing nothing at all(heaven)
  • Awesome Christmas! We opened our Big US card and its a Girl! So I can be added to team pink!

    No New Years plans

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