Preemies with lung collapses?

Hi everyone, I've got a friend with 31 weeker in the NICU.  He is ~2 weeks old and on the conventional vent now and evidently has a lung that was partially collapsed, but it now completely collapsed.  Madeline didn't have that problem during her NICU stay, so I don't have any experience with it to be able to help my friend.  Did any of your LOs have lung collapses while in the early days/weeks?  What did they do for them?  What did the doctors say about outcomes, etc.  I just know that her current FB status says that they are "praying for a miracle" tonight and I don't know exactly what is happening.  Is this something that they really can't help (hence the need for a miracle to fix it)?  Are there positive stories or words of hope and encouragement you can share from your experience that I could post to her tonight?



Re: Preemies with lung collapses?

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