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If you had a natural m/c, did the bleeding ever pick back up?

I am 99.9% certain I passed everything Christmas eve, since then the bleeding has been pretty light. It picks up if I overstimulate myself (get upset, play with DS too much, clean too much) Tonight I've been resting because the IL's were over and I overdid it a ton. It hasn't slowed back down. It's red and mucousy (TMI, I know) I have an appointment on Tuesday, but is this any concern?

The soreness and cramping has also started again. 

Re: If you had a natural m/c, did the bleeding ever pick back up?

  • i was bad wednesday, okay christmas eve, HORRIBLE christmas day--lots of cramping and tissue, okayish yesterday, then bad again today... (the only thing that's helped is a heating pad on my abdomen.)

    so it's been heavier/lighter for me just depending on the day... 

  • I bled pretty steadily for a good 10-14 days. It would get heavier then lighter then heavier again, kind of like a normal period.  It eventually gets better.  My doctor offered me some rx pain meds for the discomfort if it got bad enough, but that only helped so much.  Sorry for your loss :(
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  • Thank you both. I'm terrified of it getting to what it was on Christmas Eve. I hope to not go through that ever again.

    I've been keeping up on Tylenol, but I can't avoid playing with/picking up DS. I just don't want to overdo it or push my limits. My MW was very vague on what to do or not to do and what to expect.

  • My friend had stopped bleeding and then 2 weeks later it started again. Her Dr said it was left over tissue and it was normal. She hadnt shed all of the layers with the initial bleeding. She then got pregnant again the next cycle and is due in a few months. It was teh hardest time of her life and she was soo depressed especially since the bleeding was over and she was moving on and then bam it came back again. But she is happily waiting on her little girl to arrive here shortly.
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  • For me the natural m/c bleeding lasted about 4 weeks and it was up and down. I would have heaviest bleeding before passing clots and there were some days when I passed a few large clots and one day when I passed one very large clot. The days in between might have had less bleeding. Also, more activity did increase bleeding some.

    I'm sorry for your loss and I hope that the physical pains are over soon.

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  • I passed the baby and what felt like a lot of tissue for about 2 days. It started to get a lot lighter, and i hoped it was almost over. I went in to the doctor, and they checked my beta levels, and he said i needed a d&c because there was a lot of tissue left over.

    the day of the d&c there was hardly any bleeding, but when i woke up, the doctor told me i made the right decision b/c there was still a lot of tissue and i would have most likely got an infection.

    it seems like everybody is different, but i hope this helps clear things up a little.

  • I bled for about 11 days after my natural m/c and I would have these random spurts of time where I'd bleed really heavy for an hour or two, out of nowhere. Then it would go back to lightish/spotting. It actually happened almost every day of those 11 days.
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  • After reading this thread I'm all upset again. It sounds like this is nowhere near over. I found out on Christmas Eve that we lost the baby and started to miscarry Christmas Day. Sunday was misserable. I was in so much pain while I was out I nearly kicked through the windshield of the car on the way home, freaked the hubs right out. But I passed several extremely large batches of tissue once I got home and the bleeding is light again today. I thought after yesterday everything would be done. Now I'm kind of worried it's not over yet.

    So sad to hear that others experienced a terrible christmas. I hope next years will be better for all of us. :)

  • Mine did.  I bled for about a week and it got lighter daily, then bam, one day it was heavy again.  It took a good two weeks for everything to stop.
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    miscarriage on 11/26/09 at 5w6d
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